Another questionable law firm left holding the bag of their clients

had to go to the assault, to return the money: dozens of customers of one of the law firms broke into the office of a dubious office, where a generous reward promised them easy victories in the courts. After paying bills lawyers completely lost interest. What ended the attempt to restore justice?

a Scuffle in the stairwell at the entrance of the legal company “Consultant.”

– at home I Have three kids left hungry because of you. And you’re going to break?

Five people believe that you have been deceived by unscrupulous lawyers.

“They asked me to represent the interests in court, and I signed a contract for another 66 thousand. In court they, of course, was not. In court I was alone, the court, I lost, made up the false claim,” — says the victim — Galina Kathina.

Employees of “Consultant” promised to quickly resolve housing issues in court, their work was estimated at 90 thousand rubles, and even guarantee a positive outcome. It is the second time cheating — previous law firm Galina was given 15 thousand rubles. A similar story of Dmitry Kolesnikov, which the lawyers came to draw benefits.

They assured me that it was a small sum, put more benefits. Well, the ears “traveled”. In the end, I came for a free consultation, I was told: we will write five letters to five instances.

as a result of this free consultation Dmitry gave more than 100 thousand rubles. After a month realized it was all a hoax. With clients in the office, and “Consultant” came in and a young lawyer who uncovered a scheme by unscrupulous colleagues.

“To me, for example, asked the pensioner, I told him right in his admission that to privatize the apartment without the consent of all registered in apartment of persons is impossible,” — said the lawyer Ivan Jars.

And in the firm “Consultant” assured the pensioner that the problem experienced solicitors will be able to solve through the courts pretty quickly, but all it will cost you. Ivan is sure that false promises from the colleagues. They know Russian law, but are legal illiteracy and gullibility of people.

– You disappeared, until you can’t phone!

Realizing that money is the lawyers is not going to return, customers called the police and wrote a statement about the fraud.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”