Vasily Shulgin: why would a politician who took the abdication of the king, after the revolution, secretly visited Russia

History 14/02/20 Vasily Shulgin: why would a politician who took the abdication of the king, after the revolution, secretly came to Russia

In March 1917 Vasily Shulgin, who was an ardent monarchist, took from Nicholas II abdication from the throne. He subsequently went abroad, but in 1925, secretly returned to Russia. One of the main goals of the visit Shulgin’s home was the search for the missing son.

To win red

Vasily Shulgin was born in 1878 in the family of the historian Vitaly Shulgin, who served as the editor of the newspaper “Kievlyanin”. Subsequently, after graduating from the law faculty of the University of Kiev, Vasily V. became a journalist for the same publication. However, Shulgin was fascinated not only journalism, but politics. As stated in the encyclopedia “Russia” (editor and compiler-the candidate of historical Sciences Y. A. Nikiforov) 1907 Vasily Shulgin was a member of the State Duma. It is noteworthy that in one of his last speeches in the Duma in February 1917, he called the king the enemy of all that is “necessary for the country”.

Already on March 2 the same year, Vasily Shulgin, who was the leader of the nationalists, and with it the Union leader Alexander Guchkov came to Nicholas II in order to get him signed the Manifesto of abdication from the throne. However, Shulgin was a staunch monarchist, and therefore accepted the revolution without enthusiasm. It Vasily V. became one of the founders of the Volunteer White army. So later Shulgin had to leave the country. According to Nicholas Nepomniachtchi in his edition of “100 great phenomena”, in 1920 Vasily Shulgin lived in Constantinople, and was and city of Bulgaria and Romania, and Poland, and France.

a Secret visit to Russia

meanwhile, back in Soviet Russia Vasily Shulgin still had a chance. The fact that when I left home, Shulgin lost his son Benjamin. It is onclaims Lyali (as Shulgin called son) in 1925 he went to Russia. If you believe Stanislav Zigunenko, the author of the publication “Scouts and spies”, this was the main purpose of Vasily Vitalyevich. However, support for the former Deputy of the State Duma had a fake anti-Bolshevik underground organization created by members of the GPU, “Monarchist Union of Central Russia”. MOCR supplied Shulgin documents in the name of Edward E. Schmitt. And makeup during the trip, Vasily V. used on a regular basis.

Then, Shulgin was never able to find his son, but saw what he actually was sent to the Soviet Union. As you know, in those years the country was dominated by the NEP, which so shocked Vasily Vitalyevich that when he returned, he decided to write about their experiences in a book called “Three capitals”. According to Shulgin, the new economic policy (NEP) has raised hopes for the bourgeois transformations in Russia and the degeneration of Bolshevism. What was the surprise of the emigrants, when it became clear that Vasily Shulgin “were taken to Moscow GPU”, and his book edited by a senior worker of the NKVD Artuzov.


In the 1930-ies Shulgin distanced themselves from politics and lived for a long time in Sremski Karlovci, the residence of Wrangel. Writes I. V. zakurdaev in his book “Vladimir Central” in December 1944, Vasily V. was arrested by the SMERSH counterintelligence. Soon he was transferred to Moscow and put on trial. For anti-Soviet activities Shulgin was threatened with the death penalty but was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Court-appointed term he served in the Vladimir prison. However, the will of Vasily Shulgin was already in 1956 by Khrushchev’s Amnesty. For this Shulgin, said to have been very grateful to the Secretary General.

Vasily Shulgin left to live there, in Vladimir: out of jail already by that time quite elderly inmate is immediately escorted to the local nursing home. But it turned out that ahead of Vasily Vitalyevich waited another 20 years fruitTarnovo work: in wheel house he was allowed to write his memoirs. In addition, he received an invitation to shoot the film “Before the court of history.” In 1961, Shulgin gave a guest ticket for the session of the XXII Congress of the CPSU. It is interesting that, if you believe the information presented in the book the Shulgin “the Last witness”, he never accepted the Soviet citizenship. The identity of Vasiliy V., who died in 1976, was an inscription “stateless”.

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