Stadia’s Falls Are a Chance for NVIDIA’s Gaming Efforts

Recently, online gaming news seemed to hit the press. With the games-as-a-service representation already intimidating the solo sales model, local copies and consoles of games seemed likely to be the next targets of revolutionary tech: It was possible to imagine a future in which online gaming news was there to stay. The online gaming was lived and was streamed at home by gamers using relatively affordable hardware without plenty of local storage and other console-era necessities.

Since tech companies have evolved, Sony and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) have taken steps to ready themselves for a streaming video game future, though the declining shine has reduced the online gaming activities in the past few months — thanks to the decidedly lackluster run we’ve seen thus far from the Stadia video game service operated by Alphabet‘s (NASDAQ:GOOGL) (NASDAQ:GOOG) Google.

Stadia has ruined things at every turn, from a flawed launch to a recent dearth of data updates that have upset the fledgling platform’s relatively small fan base. But Stadia isn’t the only video game streaming platform that observers and investors have been observing. While its mistakes have dominated the streaming games discussion as of lately, it’s worth remembering that there are other contenders for the “Netflix of games” crown — including NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA), which might just benefit from Stadia’s mistakes.

Information about Teenagers and Online Gaming News

The majority of the high school students have grown up with smartphones and computer gadgets and gizmos for gaming and texting their friends. Many parents have issues that their teenager is addicted to their smartphones and gaming gadgets. However, teenagers feel that their parents are overreacting and they can’t become addicted to their devices.

The United States seems to be behind other countries in proving that video game addiction does exist and creates harm for families and individuals. During the Winter Olympics in South Korea, NBC showed centers in Seoul, South Korea, and Tokyo, Japan where people were heading for gaming addiction. These rehabilitation centers have been open for years and have treated thousands of people over the years. Hence, other countries have acknowledged gaming addiction that United States parents have been exposing for a long time.

Conclusion on the Online Gaming News

 The online gaming news showing the proliferation of this gaming activity does not bode well for parents of students addicted to online gaming. They tend to neglect their studies, which should be the priority for a better future unless one is so good at the online games that they become professionals earning lots of money. Other than standing out as a pro-gamer, which is rare and very difficult due to the competition, it is better to just study hard and study well.