Another death of a patient with coronavirus and crowded hospital: chronicle of events for the day

Wednesday, may 20, oberstab the Novosibirsk region to combat coronavirus reported the death of another person. In the Novosibirsk region 1805 of cases, including 117 children. With the start of the pandemic was cured of 730 patients, 38 of them over the past day, and 23 people died.

What occurred in the city during the day?

Former Novosibirsk Anton recovered from coronavirus, but decided on the story only in the mask. He’s 32, he’s always easily endured all illness, no concomitant diseases was not. So when the Siberians saw the light — it was a shock. Anton told the NGS Elena Gur’yanovoy like a month and a half fought the disease and how he was treated in Moscow’s Kommunarka.Oberstab Novosibirsk region announced new data on ill with the coronavirus. For the past day has infected 77 people — the number of cases in the region was not yet.
For the past day in Russia recorded 8764 case of coronavirus, 9262 person recovered, 135 died. For the first time since the start of the pandemic the number of infected is less than the number recovered and this is a good sign!
non-commercial partnership “Siberian Guild of chefs and chef of pastry” has published an appeal to the Governor of the Novosibirsk region Andrey Travnikov in which they are asked to allow caterers to get back to work.
the two Patients of the Novosibirsk hospitals talk about the same issue: according to them, people with suspected coronavirus placed directly in the corridors.
the morning After the publication of the NHS with stories from doctors about how they explain the lack of Putin’s allowances for the coronavirus, the regional Ministry of health responded to the most frequent questions — who are the providers and how much money should get, and where to complain in Novosibirsk, if instead of the promised thousands of payroll card dropped a penny amount. Publishing this information.
Investigators have begun two dosledstvennaja check about the non-payment of allowances to medical workers and the ambulance driver for the patients who were diagnosed with coronavirus infection.
the Number of cases for the day, too, lately held at the same level or even gradually decreasing. Is that the plateau, which all have been waiting for a couple of months? Says virologist Lyudmila Alimbarova.