Alexander Solzhenitsyn: and how much money was in European accounts of the writer before his expulsion from the country

History 13/01/20 Alexander Solzhenitsyn: and how much money was in European accounts of the writer before his expulsion from the country

As writes Olga Afanasieva in his book “Mstislav Rostropovich”, Alexander Solzhenitsyn lived only one ruble a day, saving literally everything. But in fact, Solzhenitsyn was already a dollar millionaire. The amount that has accumulated in their European accounts of the writer, was voiced by Yuri Andropov.

the reasons for the expulsion

the Expulsion of Alexander Solzhenitsyn from the country was preceded by the story of one of the most famous works of the writer — “the GULAG Archipelago”. Fedor Razzakov in its publication, “Why not go out of the Soviet “star”” with reference to the historian Roy Medvedev mentions that in 1973, the KGB found out about the “Archipelago”, began to hunt for the book. One copy was seized from assistant Solzhenitsyn Catherine Voronyansky, which subsequently for this reason committed suicide. However, another instance of Alexander Solzhenitsyn managed to smuggle to the West, where excerpts from it were immediately translated and printed in various Newspapers and magazines.

After that, the fate of Alexander Solzhenitsyn was a foregone conclusion. However, the question of what measures should be applied to the writer, the government has caused controversy. The Politburo, which, according to Alexander Ostrovsky, author of “Solzhenitsyn: farewell to a myth”, was held on 7 January 1974, Alexei Kosygin proposed to hold over Solzhenitsyn court, and then to send it to Verkhoyansk, where the “don’t go to foreign correspondents”. Supporters of the arrest of the writer was Nikolay Podgorny, Andrei Gromyko and Alexander Shelepin. Against this option was only the head of the KGB Yuri Andropov. However, to compete with opponents in the open Andropov did not.

money on the road to millionaire

Yuri Andropov made contact with the German Chancellor Willy Brandt and asked him about the political havebeside for Alexander Solzhenitsyn. When Brandt agreed, and then publicly declared Germany’s readiness to shelter themselves from Soviet writer, Andropov ably inclined to the idea of expulsion of the writer from the Soviet Union and Leonid Brezhnev. However, if you believe Leonid Mlechin, the author of the book “KGB. The Chairman of the state security. Declassified destiny”, to sit in Lefortovo prison Solzhenitsyn still had. However, in February 1974, he was really expelled to Germany. In the same month, Alexander Solzhenitsyn arrived in Frankfurt am main.

it is Noteworthy that Yuri Andropov was supplied by Alexander Solzhenitsyn and “road” in the amount of 300 marks. Although the KGB knew that Solzhenitsyn is a millionaire. Approval of Roy and Zhores Medvedev, the authors of the publication “the Nobel laureates of Russia”, mentioned at the January meeting of the Politburo Andropov himself said that about the life of Alexander Solzhenitsyn in exile we need not worry, as in the accounts of the writer, was in European banks, in total there were about 8 million rubles. If to trust Medvedev, in accordance with the then exchange rate of the ruble this amount is equivalent to $ 12 million.

Sources of revenue

Where did the money from Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who liked to expose themselves to the poor Soviet writer? According to Alexander Ostrovsky, Solzhenitsyn, living in the Soviet Union, hardly anything needed. So, according to the memoirs of Natalya Reshetovskaya, the wife of the writer for the story “One day of Ivan Denisovich” by Alexander Solzhenitsyn paid the rate of 300 rubles per author’s sheet. And these leaves in the story was 6. For comparison, the salary itself Reshetovskaya, who worked at the University, amounted to 320 rubles a month. Despite the fact that nothing in the homeland of Solzhenitsyn to publish failed, he got multiple advances over subsequently prohibited works. For example, for the novel “the first circle” he was assessed a down payment of 2,700 rubles.

in addition, Solzhenitsyn assetbut printed abroad and, accordingly, was paid considerable royalties. According to Oleg Matveycheva and Anatoly Belyakov, author of the book “the Solzhenitsyn Jacket”, a foreign currency account with Vneshtorgbank, Alexander Solzhenitsyn appeared in 1963. According to O. Carlisle, for his novel “the first circle” publisher “Harper and Lowe” was Solzhenitsyn is willing to pay only an advance of about 60 thousand dollars. Do not forget about the legacy, which was received by Solzhenitsyn after his death, Korney Chukovsky, and about the Nobel prize. By the time a writer has got its own foreign lawyer Fritz Heebum. It is known that Solzhenitsyn told Cheebo to transfer part of the Nobel prize to his account, “the Swedish or Swiss Bank.”

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