Yuri Andropov: what he said to make his subordinates before leaving the KGB

History 13/01/20 Yuri Andropov: that he ordered his subordinates to do before leaving KGB

Yury Vladimirovich Andropov headed the KGB for 15 years. During this time, according to Leonid Mlechin, the KGB reached its heyday. It is not surprising that, having invested so much energy in this structure, Andropov before leaving, told to radio on its behalf all of the illegal immigrants working at the moment abroad.

Andropov – KGB chief

How to write A. A. Zdanovich, and V. K. Bylinin in his book “Team of Andropov” Yuri Andropov, according to the decision of the Politburo, was appointed Chairman of the Committee for State security of the USSR in may 1967. Despite the fact that Leonid Brezhnev succeeded in persuading Deputy Andropov their buddies Semyon Tsvigun and Georgi Tsineva, the new head of the KGB did a lot of permutations to your “taste”. So from the Committee were removed by deputies eks-the Chairman of the Committee Vladimir Semichastny. At that time, Andropov surrounded himself mainly party workers. However, at the end of his “reign” Yuri did substituents professional security officers: Sergey Antonov and Philip Bobkov.

in General, according to Alexander Kolpakidi, the author of the publication “the sword and Shield. The leaders of state security bodies”, Yuri Andropov did much to enhance the role of state security agencies. Andropov had been strengthened measures for the protection of the state border, turned a powerful campaign against dissidents, the anti-terrorist division, organized refresher Courses for operational staff (kuos) on the basis of which subsequently began to prepare the staff of special forces of the KGB. However, special attention was paid to the Andropov foreign intelligence. According to Andropov, it was necessary to “timely identify, disrupt and expose the plans of the imperialist States”.

the Main thing – foreign intelligence

according to Leonid Mlechin, the author of the book “History of the foreign intelligence. Career and fate,” Yuri Andropov, perhaps, was the first head of state security, who were really interested in foreign intelligence. Andropov with great attention to those who are the intelligence activities carried out. So, Yuri, in spite of the disapproval of the Central Committee, allowed scouts to organize your dacha cooperative, and to acquire real estate. However, Leonid Brezhnev, Andropov supported. For example, it belongs to Brezhnev’s words that “the KGB is first and foremost a huge and dangerous work abroad”, so Yuri Andropov invaluable aid of the Politburo in foreign policy.

And Andropov actually provided this assistance. Special hopes in this work, the Chairman of the KGB laid on illegals as legal agents often were under the vigilant control of the police and counterintelligence. Besides, a scout with a diplomatic passport could just send me home, but illegal immigrants often were waiting for places not so remote. That is why, according to the same Mlechina, Andropov even consisted on the account in party organization, control of illegal intelligence and regularly paid the necessary contributions.

Thanks from Andropov

it is not Surprising that in the final hours of his tenure as Chairman of the KGB Yuri Andropov remembered about the scouts. If to believe Sergey Chertoprud, author of the book “Andropov and the KGB”, before leaving, Yuri has collected in his office the representatives of Directorate “s”, which carried out functions of illegal intelligence, and thanked them for their selfless work. Andropov also gave instructions to his subordinates to send encrypted email on his behalf with words of gratitude to all scouts-the illegal immigrants, who was at that time abroad.

the Famous Soviet intelligence officer, Yuriy Ivanovich Drozdov in his memoirs “Fiction is excluded. Notes of a chief of illegal intelligence” I wrote about WHabout the work by sending commendations to all corners of the world, radio operators and cryptographers were engaged for almost a month. Response of the scouts had to decipher, and then to smuggle Yuri Andropov to the Old square, where the Central Committee of the CPSU. Then Yuri has served as General Secretary of the party, but his players did not forget and with great pleasure I read their messages.

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