Alexander Fat: how died best skier in the history of the USSR

Another 13/02/20 championatАлександр Fat: how died best skier in the history of the USSR

skiing is, perhaps, one of the few not too developed in the USSR disciplines. At least, it was not until the early 1980-ies. It was then that shone the star of Alexander Zhirov. Unfortunately, barely having time to blink, she faded away forever.


Alexander Fats was born in the suburban village of Dedenevo in 1958. Alpine skiing Sasha was fond of since childhood. He was riding in the neighbouring village of Shukolovo. The boy just showed this sport interest, he had definite potential and a good response. It is not surprising that soon he was in CSKA under the guidance of an experienced coach Victor Talanov. Thanks Talanova Zhirova was soon involved with the squad. There’s something Alexander and met Elena Panchenko, who was also engaged in mountain skiing.

Between Lena and Sasha had friendly relations. But no more. At least Fat Sam was absolutely sure, until the tragedy occurred. Panchenko went to Austria, where the bus, crowded Soviet athletes, collided with a tram. From the received traumas Elena died. After her death, Alexander learned that she was in love with him. Unfortunately, she did not dare to open your heart to him. It is noteworthy that all the passengers of the bus survived. All except Lena.

Later, Alexander was very sorry that failed to notice the feelings I had for him Lena, and not reciprocated.

Incredible success

meanwhile, Alexander Fat continued his ascent to Olympus. In March 1981, the Soviet skier has made incredible. For 15 days he won four victories in a row: Japan, Switzerland and two in Bulgaria. In addition, at the same time, the other athlete from the Soviet Union Valery Tsyganov won in America, one of the stages of the world Cup. Similar with the domestic skiinukami never happened neither before nor afterwards.

it Seemed that only accelerates Fats. All were convinced that Alexander is still ahead. In him lay the hope of the whole country. After all, in 1984 in Yugoslavia expected the next Olympic games, and many have seen Zhirova on the top step of the podium. But those dreams did not come true. Those four wins were not the beginning but rather the end of a career Zhirova.

Ghost car

the ill-fated car Alexander Jirovu gave sponsors for his achievements on the sports field. The car brand Volvo made a splash in his native village of Alpine skier. Especially because it was the early 1980s, and foreign cars, of course, was a great rarity even in big cities. Fats often riding the “Volvo” with their childhood friends. A frequent guest in their company was the alcohol.

may 18, 1983, he once again went on a car trip, accompanied by the villagers. Volvo found in the ravine. At the scene found four people. Managed to survive only one. Others, including youth, were killed. The talented athlete was only 24 years old. Found eternal peace Alexander in the cemetery of the village of Shukolovo, in the vicinity of which he 9-year-old boy learned to ride my favorite skis.

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