The death of the crew of

History 12/02/20 the death of the crew of “Soyuz-11”: why tragedy

the Death of comic vehicles is always a tragedy on a national scale. Despite the fact that most of these accidents happened in the US, unfortunately, it was ours. The most notorious was the death of the crew of Soyuz 11.

the Docking did not take place

In April 1971, the Soviet Union orbited the world’s first orbital station “Salyut-1”. Soon April 24, 1971 docked to the station “Soyuz-10” with three astronauts on Board. But, the technique has not behaved as planned and the crew of the ship could not go on Board the station. Had to return to Earth. After correction of technical errors was appointed following the launch of the crew of Alexei Leonov, Valery Kubasov and Pyotr Kolodin. However, their flight did not take place because of suddenly revealed health problems Valery Kubasov. The rules were supposed to fly backup crew: Georgi Dobrovolsky, Vladislav Volkov and Viktor Patsayev. During the flight the cosmonauts had to spend trying to re-dock with the “Salyut-1” and repair did not work during the attempts by the previous nodes. Thus removed from the flight, the crew was extremely upset, because Alexei Leonov already saw himself as the commander of the world’s first space station. However, the crew of Georgi Dobrovolsky went into orbit, and Alexei Leonov, home in Moscow.


the second time the docking was successful, but during the whole time of stay of astronauts on the station, they were forced to constantly struggle with unpleasant incidents. Once even caught fire. The wolves immediately offered to go to the descent module, warned Moscow, but Dobrovolsky and Panaevym showed determination and successfully eliminated the problem. At the station, the cosmonauts spent 23 days, setting a new record for flight duration. Problems with the technique continued inthe burden of preparing the return to Earth. Prior to undocking of “Soyuz-11” and “Salyut-1” suddenly caught fire sensor reporting, that the hatch is leaking. For several agonizing minutes, the astronauts, trying to rectify the fault produced the re-closing of the hatch. Finally, the sensor, indicating a fault, went out, and the module turned to the Ground. However, during descent the crew in communication with mission control is not coming out. Landed the module in automatic mode. Apprehensively, rescuers rushed to pull out from the lander the astronauts. Unfortunately, they were all dead.

the causes of the tragedy

the First inspection of the lander showed that all systems worked normally, except the vent valve through which the incoming air. It opened before the estimated time, when the module is still in the vacuum of space. The pressure in the capsule with the astronauts fell, the air vanished, and after about two minutes the crew members stopped heart. The astronauts immediately realized what happened and tried to close the ill-fated valve, but did not. For fault, they had just 20 seconds, which, of course, is not enough. The cause of the abnormal valve opening, a government Commission blamed on coincidence and contingencies.

Dmitry Sokolov

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