After cancer, life does not end: to recreate and chest, and aesthetics is possible even in the radical removal

As with any cancer, breast cancer is a dangerous diagnosis. But once it is diagnosed, causing serious damage to the self-perception of women: Yes, I’m struggling, Yes, I will be able to overcome the disease, but what then? How to live after the removal (partial or full) chest? Especially if the woman is young.

— Modern reconstructive plastic breast is able to restore the chest and aesthetics, even if the patient has removed all. Even from nothing you can create new Breasts, and quite beautiful, — says an experienced oncologist-mammolog, plastic surgeon Ekaterina Nagaitseva, leading specialist “Clinics Pasman”. Reconstructive operations are shown, if for some reason, most often due to cancer operations, the woman received a deformed breast or left without breast cancer. Then it is either a complete breast reconstruction or reconstitution of a more aesthetically pleasing shape of the breast, misshapen as a result of cancer surgery, a woman can continue to live a full life, to go out, build personal relationships, doing things you love walking on the beach, the pool, etc. without feeling discomfort.

the Reconstruction involves restoring, as much as possible, of course, with the maximum restoration of aesthetics. Reconstruction and aesthetics go hand in hand.

— What are the options of reconstruction is in patients with breast cancer?

— All depends on the situation.

If the patient has not yet been operated on with a diagnosis of breast cancer have a deletion of the education we offer at once, in a single operation to perform the deletion, and recovery. Immediately remove the cloth to perform the axillary lymphadenectomy (removal of axillary lymph nodes cancer is standard), just put the implant under the muscle and more to this return. If the patient came after surgery, for example, three months ago she had a broad sectoral resection, removed a third or a quarter of a YELESI and performed the axillary lymphadenectomy, she was treated, and it is now confuses the aesthetic side of the issue, we perform reconstructive surgery on the operated breast. You can make a lipofilling — his own fat tissue to fill the breast, to recreate the missing volume. Or install the implant. There are different options in this case. But if the patient, say, six months ago, completely removed the mammary gland, and where it ought to be mammary gland, on the anterior chest wall just flat and the scar that runs delayed reconstruction with installation under the big chest muscle expander. Within three to four months this expander is filled to a specific volume of fluid to stretch slowly and the muscle and skin along with a scar that is generated by the volume we need, and when we reach this amount, remove the expander and put in this place the implant. Delayed reconstruction is when the breast is not, and we created it ourselves.

— And if it was the full deleting, you can restore not only the breast but the areola and nipple?

— of Course. And here a few options. Is it possible to make one’s own tissue cells, and no. If her breast large areola and nipple, we take off her cloth and to create a new breast, a new areola and nipple — just transplanted. If not, this can be done from a fabric of the small labia, the options are there. But often patients are not too concerned about this, and make a tattoo of nipple and areola, or cover up, this place is a tattoo angel wing, etc. — anyone what a fantasy. For many women, the areola — not the most important part, they are important to reconstruct the Breasts and be able to wear a bra, wear a swimsuit is not different from other women either at home or on the street, in any other situations. But for reconstruction of the nipple and areola there are options.

— it is Important to understand that even if you have removed all the options are there. From nothing you can create new Breasts, and quite beautiful, says Catherineand Sergeevna. — At the consultation we explain what options there are in each case, show how it can look like there is a restoration that is the result of various operations.

— Reconstructive surgery is a complex surgery?

— Complicated, more complicated than just aesthetic. Because these and other patients after a radical surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, they have fabric too, there are scars. Under normal aesthetic surgery a normal healthy patient came in, she put the implant, and it all healed in two weeks, because the immune system is good. In reconstructive plastics patients and other health indicators have others, they have been through a lot and is harder to recover.

— Probably has the value and their emotional state?

— of Course. Therefore, if a patient with a diagnosis have not had cancer surgery and removal of tissue, we recommend one-stage surgery with reconstruction. Reconstructive surgery is not only radically treated cancer, but also from the reconstruction of the lost organ — the mammary gland or part of the breast that a woman can live a full life, to go outside without suffering, knowing that it’s not an empty space, and the new mammary gland.

No need to pull and reason: first make a radical, then do chemistry, and then booblicious, then come, and I something will restore is all unnecessary. Better to close this topic immediately and not to return, not to multiple surgeries and anesthesia, not to survive the terrible journey without a breast, and to be operated radically, just make nice and then just occur to obtain required treatment, but have to live with Breasts.

Reconstructive surgery does not affect further treatment and recovery. One-stage mastectomy (removal of breast) and reconstruction are included in the standard treatment, is a standard treatmentI, like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc. Is not the invention of individual surgeons or clinics. Just do it may not all — only those oncologists who are certified plastic surgeon. The oncologist just can’t do it.

trade promotes a more positive attitude to patients, greater motivation to fight the disease, the thirst for life, peace: I’m fighting, but I’m still beautiful at the same time.

mental attitude is very important. These operations of the patient less depressed, more optimistic, it is easier to survive the diagnosis, if after the surgery they see themselves beautiful. Because the removal of the greater part of the breast or the entire breast, the woman perceives very painful, especially a young woman. And that’s fine.

We are interested that the patient left us radically treated, beautiful and happy. Therefore provide all necessary assistance to cancer: from diagnosis to treatment (chemotherapy, hormone therapy, surgery) and recovery, including through plastic surgery, and also conduct further observation.

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