Family for a Hundred years already helps children and Families, for our mothers and children. The infant mortality rate in our country decreased significantly and at the same time, the nurses, with 93% of the young mama’s and the papa’s on the floor. Why is the body sometimes resistance? Because, well into the 20th century, one goal high on the agenda, it was stated that: ‘moederkens’ education.

by way of example, about how today’s children and Families will consider, if we fast-forward back to march of this year. The organization had to use the Plaspoort launched a back-and-weerschriftje for parents, grandparents, carers in the child care centers will be able to communicate with the toilet training of a toddler. That is the free booklet a short period of time have been sold out, it said a lot about the success of it. And yet, there were a lot of mothers who are in the Plaspoort with the annoying confirmation and saw what the Child and Family no longer want to do: to control how parents raise their children. “That’s my decision, nevertheless by yourself just how and when I could get my child to potty training do?”, a voice in a (more or less) respectful terms, on the socialemediakanalen. But, to the regret of those who kill: the agency shall be in the year 2019 is not associated with, 93% of new mom’s and dad’s in the region.