Travel, Evelyne Termote off, Pushed to Ghent this morning, with a small heart at the Brussels Airport, in the hope that she and her partner are on a holiday and could leave and go to Mexico. At the bar of Brussels Airlines, however, there is some bad news: their flight from Manchester was cancelled because of a connecting flight to Cancun due to the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, the UK no longer took place. There was only one thing to do, if they would have wanted to go: to change. And for an additional cost. And she wasn’t the only one who have that choice for a few years.

“We booked our trip through the German vakantiemaatschappij Attribute, which is a subsidiary of Thomas Cook UK, it is the story and from the airport. “When I first started this week in the news, and heard about the problems with Thomas Cook, I was a little worried. However, there was a message that our trip could not continue, and therefore we left this morning, however, caught and dropped to the Car. For 12 days, on vacation leave.”

very good,

At the bar of Brussels Airlines quickly followed suit with a tea / coffee making facilities. The couple was told that the flight to Mexico, via Manchester, from 9 a.m. did not take place. “2 hours before the plane was to leave. Make a phone call to the head office of Thomas Cook in the UK told us that the flight was indeed cancelled as it was”, says Evelyne.

for Brussels Airlines, told the couple, that Guy may be an alternative that might be possible, at 10.25 am. “This flight would take us about 150 euros per person for an extra cost,” says Evelyne. “In the end it was 400 euro per person. But it was either that or stay at home.”

To be sure, and called Evelyne with the hotel in Cancun, mexico, in order to know if the room is still reserved, and there were no problems. “We were told that everything was in order. But we’ll only really know for sure when we arrive there, I’m afraid. Maybe they could still do so, so that is a surprise wait for us. It is hoped that everything will be fine, because the journey has brought us to a small, $ 2,000 (of 1,800 euros, ed.). the per-person cost, and there it was this morning, all 400 of weight. With a little luck, this could lead to a nasty financial hangover.”


Eveline’s and her partner’s locks, only to have a medical insurance policy, that is, by the way, they won’t be much of assistance will need to be. They are called also by the Guarantee fund, in order to see if it’s something for them to do, but there is no address given.

in the Meantime, there was also a small piece of good luck. Guy gave it to the couple for free, and start to talk to them now, in the morning.

Belgian Eveline Ferrest will then be possible for her honey moon in the water. On 5 October, she married and, two days later, she leaves with her husband on a dream vacation. If you think that’s going to happen, it is not currently clear. The couple look months into the journey, and there has been a very long time to be saved. The bad news is even as a dark cloud over their wedding day.