Ostend, It may sound ironic, Jos Pilaet live on the ground floor of a residence with Sea view in the Bank, but after more than 15 years to suddenly have a sea view will be lost. The town of Ostend, had the poles in front of the door away, so cars can park. “If there’s a great truck, as is, I have barely any light, sigh, and Jos. Vessels, Björn Anseeuw, the situation is, however, not for the first time.

Jos Pilaet, and the other occupants of the residence, Sea views on the seafront of the Bank are affected by the changed situation on the sea front. When he was at Ostend, and came to live, it was to tell him that the dike on the reconstruction of the car-free day. It turned out that there were still parking spaces are located in front of the door of the house.