Bitcoin may be on the rise but so are swindlers and get-rich-quick schemes. According to official figures, just in the UK over £27 Million pounds were lost to cryptocurrency and investment scams related to HYIP’s, Bitcoin Exchanges, Pyramid Schemes, Ponzi schemes, Bitcoin faucet scams, and Forex or CFD scams involving unlicensed offshore brokers. Bitcoin Evolution is merely the latest in a long line of scams, most of which have been duplicated and adapted to suit various promotional purposes. And now it seems various media outlets have launched a marketing campaign which places Sir Alex Ferguson at the center of a get-rich-quick scheme.

How Does The SCAM Work?
Viewers navigating through their Facebook profiles have complained about seeing a fake advertisement indicating that Alex Ferguson has found a new way to generate money. After clicking on the ad viewers are directed to an interim website with links and fake testimonials by single mothers and genuine looking people who claim they have used the software and made money. Once clicking additional links, viewers are again redirected to the actual scam website where they are encouraged to enter their details. Unknowingly, when registering for the scheme members are really registering for an offshore broker which in most cases is completely unregulated.

Bitcoin Evolution Alex Ferguson

Why Is This Happening?
Forex brokers are willing to pay a pretty penny for paying customers, and this opens the door for various unsavory characters who don’t really care much about ethical business practices and simply want to receive fat affiliate commission paychecks. Scams like Bitcoin Evolution, Immediate Edge, and Bitcoin Revolution are merely a way for the scammers to attract potential victims looking to make a quick buck online.

How To Avert The Scams
Smart investors do their research and the rule of thumb is “if it’s too good to be true than it usually is!” In addition, it’s also smart to read the fine print in the terms and conditions and try to contact the support email. If you have not received a proper response or if the email bounces, simply move on because you are being baited by scammers.