In our article today, we will tell you what the Revelation dungeon is and how to pass it.

Destiny 2 is a game that has a lot of interesting content that players like. However, this content is not always easy to pass, so many gamers turn to professional players for help in passing, for example here This is a legal service that helps you save time and enjoy the game.

What will it take to get in and pass the Revelation?

Before going to the dungeon, you, or at least one of your teammates, will need to fill a strength level of at least 1040, and on the last boss, you will need a level of strength of 1060 units. However, if 2 out of 3 people on the team have an indicator, at least about 1020-1030, then you will easily pass the level. The main thing is to understand what needs to be done.

Players’ Weapons

Every player in Destiny 2 prefers some kind of their build, so it makes no sense to advise something in this regard because you will still use the devices that you are used to and that you have. Fans like the upgraded Armor 2.0 so you will find something for yourself. To pass the Revelation, you will need (per team): 1 cool sniper rifle (the burden of Izanagi or Darcy). Any 3 good pistols or submachine guns, in the second slot. 3 Cool grenade launchers (Mountain Top, or Anarchy) or Xenophage machine guns.

Player Classes

Here, everything will depend on your capabilities. The dungeon is best traversed by 2 hunters and 1 titan. Hunters are needed to deal damage, and Titan will put up a dome that protects from damage.

Passing the first stage

The first stage is a training one. In it, you will be allowed to get acquainted with the mechanics of collecting particles of light and darkness, which need to be decomposed into corresponding vortices of darkness and light. You will knock out the particles from the knights that will appear in the corresponding areas of the location.

The training in this scene of Destiny 2 ends with the fact that you see pieces of the reverse semi-dome earth floating in the air. Through these semi-domes, you climb up, where you will have to meet the boss, called the Phalanx Echo.

The boss himself will be invulnerable, at first. Kill knights, collect particles of light and darkness to carry them to the appropriate “whirlwinds” and remove the shield from the Phalanx-Echo. At this moment, use all your ults, abilities, and powerful weapons to remove the maximum HP from the enemy until the shield resumes its action. When the shield is restored, repeat the combination of actions from the beginning.

Stage #2 – Rotating cube

You will know the new stage immediately. You will get inside the cube, which will need to be rotated so that the enemy is always on the ground. And at this stage, the developers remain true to themselves. All the same particles of light and darkness will need to be attributed to 1 of 4 beams of light (dark or light) to turn the cube in the right direction. You will need to “pour out” the particles into the beam that will be closest to the rising Crowd. If he hovers over you, then it’s something like skipping a move. Turn the cube in any direction, and then return it to the position in which it was moved earlier. In total, the cube will need to be rotated 6 times so that each of its sides is on the ground. After that, 2 Centurions will come out, defeating which will throw you back to the Wastelands.

There you will immediately see the captain of the fallen, who will guide you to the end of this Destiny 2 stage. However, if you run through the Wastelands, you can open several interesting dialogues between the Wanderer and Eris, which complement the ENT of the game.

Stage #3 – Pyramid and the main boss

You get inside the pyramid, where there are simply no shelters. In case of death, you will be reborn at the same point, so there should be always 1 of the players near it.

Here you will meet familiar mechanics. 3 boss projections, 3 pyramid faces. Bring the particles into one of the sides to drive away the projection and kill the possessed ogre that appears there. Repeat similar actions with 2 other parties and transfer to the main boss. His name is Kell-Echo. The boss will run away from you on the platforms. You will also need to deal damage to it. In Destiny 2 it is noteworthy that you should always be near the boss (in his aura), otherwise the negative effect of Dark Entropy will begin to stack on you, having accumulated 10 units of which, you will die.

The Kell Echo won’t do much damage, but it will teleport you outside of its aura, so it’s better to dodge its attacks. You will also be hindered by snipers, who must be shot by a player with a single sniper rifle.

Having taken away a certain amount of health from Kell, you will be transferred back to the hall with pyramids, only on the other side of it. It is necessary to act here as well as in the cube. And by killing the Kell Echo, you will get 1 more part of the set of nine or part of the set of Daito.

In summary

We hope that with the help of our guide it will be easier for you to complete this dungeon. If you quit playing this game because of this complicated dungeon, then try again. Destiny 2 is one of the coolest games of our time and has a high rating on the IMDB website so it is worth playing.