Why the Bolsheviks banned engagement rings

Another 28/01/20 Why the Bolsheviks banned engagement rings

it is believed that if the person is not wearing the ring, so he is either free, or trying to hide that is married. However, it was not always so. For example, in the 1930-ies in the Soviet Union, the few who do can be seen on the wedding ring – wearing it was seen as a “bourgeois relic”.

“Red wedding”

Before the revolution, religion pervaded the entire household way subjects of the king. From the official Church marriage could not refuse even Lenin and Krupskaya. In the Church of the village of Shushenskoye, they dutifully put on each other’s fingers wedding rings from copper, which made the exiled Oscar Engert. But, after coming to power, the Bolsheviks declared war on the Russian wedding traditions.

“We don’t pop holds taraburi”, — declared “proletarian” poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, calling for a new relationship between a man and a woman.

the poet Himself, of course, could settle the strange role of the “third” in the family of Lily and Osip Brik (who in 1912 he married the Rabbi of Moscow). However, it is to dispense with the ceremony of marriage could not even Communists. In the era of NEP members of the Komsomol in the field have come up with various forms of “red weddings”. To replace the “bourgeois” feasts came pretty dull from today’s point of view, the gatherings, which did not even invite the parents of the bride and groom. The youths sang revolutionary songs and read excerpts from books. Previously, of course, had to sign. But in the civil registry offices in the first decades after the revolution, solemn, and did not smell.

“no rings, No wedding dress, no veil, no wedding dress, no wedding feast was not necessarily a sign official wedding ceremony”, says researcher Natalia Lebina in the book “Soviet everyday life: norms and anomalies”.

Without the rings

By the end 1920-x of years engagement rings have become vosprinimatI like unwanted remnants of the past. Komsomol leaders vigilantly saw to it that the members of the cell are not married in churches. The people there were such ditties:

“Mother wanted me to marry

the old-fashioned way with rings.

In another published case

At the club, members of the Komsomol”.

After a youth steel ring to remove and people of Mature age.

“I stopped wearing a wedding ring, because my boss, the commandant of the plant, the Poles, repeatedly hinted to me that this “bourgeois prejudices,” recalled the literary critic Elena Scriabin.

One of the reasons was the fact that flaunt jewelry has become simply dangerous. In the era of industrialization for the sake of replenishment, the authorities did not shun the seizure of the jewelry from the public. People were arrested and imprisoned in “the steam room” — crowded room. Not withstanding this environment, citizens “voluntarily” gave anything of value from gold and silver, down to the crucifix.

a de facto ban on engagement rings has lasted relatively long. In the second half of the 1930s, the Bolsheviks moved away from the “liberal” views on gender relations like “theory of a glass of water.” The prevailing attitude to official marriages as the norm.

“Return” weddings

for a Long time, the authorities “never got around” to creating a full-fledged Soviet of the wedding ceremony. During the war, the registration of marriages is often carried out in a hurry. The situation has changed in the quiet years of the Khrushchev “thaw”. This was facilitated by the reform of the registry office.

Until 1956 these units were located in the basement of the interior Ministry, and their staff wore a uniform. In the new Palace of marriage the ceremony of marriage became more like a wedding ceremony with the exchange of wedding rings as “symbols of marital fidelity” and solemn speeches and leading music. Bridesmaid have to wear wedding dresses with a veil.

“a Model marriage” a state level, widely reported in the media, can be considered the wedding of cosmonauts Valentina TereSavoy and Andrian Nikolayev, which was attended by Gagarin and Khrushchev. However, the goal of the Communists was still the same – to discourage people from the Church, by offering something as similar as possible in return. They succeed in large dioceses of the ROC in the mid 1960-ies was held for more than a few dozen weddings each year.

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