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A "deep-rooted Evils" of these giant corporations, he complained two years ago in the election campaign. Moon Jae promised, at that time known as a liberal human rights lawyer, said: "I'm going to tackle a Reform of...
14 years Ago, wanted to Axel Springer, the TV broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1 buy. However, the cartel guards were against it. Since then, the Ex-journalist Mathias Döpfner led by Axel Springer SE to the media and the Internet has...
you can Partenkirchen met at the end of April in the Atlas post hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. To honor the promoter of the host hoisted even the Russian Flag above the main entrance. For three days the conference...

Property: What is mine

the property is a word that triggers emotions and thoughts of connections. Home and medium-sized companies, entrepreneurs, property and socialism, the recent history of the Germans is reflected in these associations. It is striking that the property...
money laundering is the crime of the Rich and Powerful. It comes to corruption, tax evasion, trafficking in human beings, drugs and arms trafficking and the financing of terrorism. Until January 2020, the Federal government has to...
If you want to know in which country we live in, you have to imagine the wealth of this Republic as a huge cake. All the savings, houses and plots of land are included, all the factories,...
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What really prevented Hitler to take Leningrad

What really prevented Hitler to take Leningrad

As red Army troops, under the command of Marshal Voroshilov, and then General Zhukov stopped the German assault forces on the near approaches to Leningrad, about the untold number of German tanks rushing to the Kirov plant, you can read in any book of Soviet times. Mentioned about Hitler's plans to destroy Leningrad completely.