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After the victory over France in the summer of 1940, Hitler began to reduce the size of the German armed forces and the volume of military production. The reduction continued until the end of 1941.
After the war with Nazi Germany in some areas of the Soviet Union remained a powerful criminal underground. It was the most extensive in Western Ukraine: the local nationalist fought against Soviet power with weapons in their hands under the guidance of living abroad, Stepan Bandera. Eliminate the last was entrusted to the ordinary student of the University of Lviv Bohdan Stashinskomu.
When talking about the second wave of Russian emigration, usually remember about Soviet prisoners of war, the Ostarbeiters, Vlasov and ideological collaborators, who for various reasons were in Germany. However, in pace with the retreating Wehrmacht in the West rushed and the crowds of civilian refugees who did not want to live again under Soviet rule. Despite the hostility of the Nazis towards Slavs, the Third Reich opened the border to these people.
As you know large empires and States do not fall apart themselves, this process always has a good external reasons. The Soviet Union is no exception. When the West became clear that the power with the Soviet Union can not cope was developed evil plan DULLES to undermine the country from within.
Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko seized power
in 2017, the country held a series of protests. The reason was the lack of reaction by the authorities to investigate bulk you do not Dimon


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