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Daniel Johnson
With over twenty years of experience in the field of journalism, He is the ideal man to write for our site.
in a Sustainable and environmentally friendly, our movement should be in the future. A possible bearer of hope: the I. D. Buzz from Volkswagen. His power drive is a good approach to reduce CO2 emissions. In addition:...
6. June 1944: On the channel a grey day is dawning. Off the coast of Northern France has ships, an Armada of almost 7,000 war and landing gathered boats. Wait for the command to begin, in the...
At the end of a superb match, the Stade toulousain is needed on the lawn, Racing 92, U Arena, in the face of the ile-de-france, totally disconcerted. The men of Ugo Mola qualify for the semi-finals of...
It is a former socialist minister with this remark, full of humour made during the last presidential campaign about the project which had been French prime minister François Fillon put in 39 hours in the public service...
On march 27, 1968, Yuri Gagarin, 34-year-old, stands up in an excellent mood : he is finally allowed to resume his profession as a pilot of Mig. He was so fed up of playing the hero of...
Pain. The painkillers-called "opioids" - because acting as opium (in the illustration, the flowers of the poppy) and so very addictive - are increasingly consumed in France and lead to more hospitalizations and death, finds the national...
It seems far away the time where André Vallini, secretary of State in charge of territorial Reform under François Hollande, promised that the merger of regions would allow billions of euros of savings. Three years after the...


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