Successful monetization of gaming applications on iOS and Android requires you to choose the right strategy. It can involve paid download, freemium model, paid subscription, and virtual purchases within the app. However, all these models are becoming outdated, as people tend to spend less and less money on games. Especially now, when you can find a free alternative to any product and the App Store or Google Play search will take less than a minute.

Then, what options do the app owners have to make money on their products? The answer is simple, they do it with the help of app monetization companies, also known as programmatic advertising services.

What a programmatic advertising service is

It is a website that provides registration for both the app owners and the advertisers. For each side, there is a specific platform – SSP (Supply Side Platform) for the developers and DSP (Demand Side Platform) for the advertisers. Those wishing to monetize need to add their applications to the service’s catalog of advertising slots. Each game has its target audience, and if there is an offer that might be interesting to your app users (according to their age, hobbies, geography, gender, etc.), your game will be used as the placement for that advert. Moreover, it will be organically embedded into the interface so that it will look appropriate and will not annoy the viewers. Each time your app shows an ad will bring you money. The more downloads the higher your income. The slot selection process is fully automated and the ads are shown only to the relevant audience. Thus, they will not annoy the gamers.

Benefits of programmatic advertising services

This monetization model has several advantages:

  • It is easy to set up your ad campaigns.
  • You get the tool for quick and efficient monetization.
  • The users do not have to pay for anything.
  • To start the monetization process you only need to register and set up your account.
  • There are a lot of advertisers willing to purchase ad space.

You can choose an advertising service by looking through the reviews on specialized forums, or with the help of ratings and top lists published on such resources. Another way to find a reliable monetization service is to select the companies with the highest Google ratings.