Jacksonville is allegedly set to sign Tebow as tight end

Jimmy Smith, among the best players to ever play to the Jacksonville Jaguars, stated Wednesday when it comes down to Colin Kaepernick or Tim Tebow, the group requires the latter.

Smith informed TMZ Sports he feared someone similar to Kaepernick would split the locker room.

“We don’t desire Colin Kaepernick on our staff,” the former NFL great said.

“We need a guy like Tim Tebow who is a hometown hero with love for the city anyway,” Smith added.

Smith denied there were any racial connotations supporting the Jaguars’ reported decision to work out Tebow and then potentially provide him a one-piece deal in the tight end position. He also added that Tebow has the capability to be an important addition for a newcomer like quartreback Trevor Lawrence.

“He is definitely going to be a great service for Trevor Lawrence,” Smith stated. “Whatever capacity that is, it’s likely to be a positive rather than a drawback.”

Tebow would require some work to create it like a tight end. The former NFL quarterback hasn’t played in an regular-season game as the 2012 season. He has one snap at a receiver position.