Raines stated she does not understand the way the footage has been leaked

“They sent me a movie and said it had been sent to them” Raines, 22, told The Post.

After Raines Googled her name, the Atlanta resident discovered that the movie — that revealed Portnoy holding a leash attached to a collar round her throat — has been plastered all across the world wide web.

Raines stated she does not understand the way the raunchy footage has been leaked, making apparent she did not do herself. She texted Portnoy to inquire what had occurred, but he did not know a whole lot more than she ever did.

“I did not have a minute of my heart falling or anxiety until my mom said we had to speak. But she was inviting,” Raines remembered. “Lots of buddies began checking in and Dave achieved several times to make sure that I was OK.”

Portnoy brushed off it , stating:”Someone committing a crime by stripping an older movie of sex between two consenting adults looks like a dumb reason to get a stock to go down”

In terms of Raines, the young girl did something nearly unheard of this era of cancel civilization: She issued an unapologetic answer . Rather than falling to a teary confessional and wallowing in victimhood, she possessed her activities in a statement she conducted by friends and Portnoy prior to submitting to Instagram.

“I had been aware that a movie has surfaced online and yes, that was me,” she wrote, adding it was not supposed to become people. “Some may not approve of their movie content but it was completely consensual and it is unfortunate it’s no longer personal but [Portnoy and I] are still buddies with no animosity.  .  . I will not tag this a mistake because we’ve taken responsibility for this.”

“Perhaps I do not care when I need to but I actually saw it as only a bump in the road. It was not likely to destroy me. I feel as though people might see me as a sufferer in that circumstance, but I have not seen myself this way.”

Her inbox has been flooded with both negative and positive messages. Some accused her of becoming paid by Portnoy. She denies it.

“I have not gotten anything out of this. It was not about cash, and it was all about my own thought. Nothing has changed,” she stated, adding that she’s declined offers to strip and become an ambassador for various clothing businesses. Her mother even joked that she ought to begin an OnlyFans account.

“She was like,’if you’re posting these half-naked images [on Instagram], then you may too earn money from it’ But she does not know that a good deal of women on [OnlyFans] perform pornography. My photos are R-rated, maybe not X-rated. I would like to keep it like that ”

Raines might have achieved infamy, but she’s nevertheless a self-proclaimed”country woman.”