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The first main round in the Berlin football state cup is coming up. A total of 63 games will be played from Friday to Sunday (Club Italia AdW has a bye). Here is a little guide with ten games that are particularly interesting for different reasons:

FRIDAYFüchse Berlin – SV TasmaniaBerlin-Liga versus Oberliga, under floodlights on the venerable Wackerweg (7 p.m.) – there can hardly be a more promising start to the first round. The foxes are four points behind leaders Sparta Lichtenberg in the league, but are still unbeaten and were involved in a crazy game last weekend: 3-0 in the lead against 1. FC Wilmersdorf, conceded three goals, missed a penalty and in the Added two more goals to make it 5:3. At Oberliga Tasmania it was less spectacular: the game was canceled due to rain.

SATURDAYFC Horrido 78 – SpVgg Tiergarten FC Horrido is active in the leisure league. There, the team recently rose to the highest class and now meets, among others, Traktor Boxhagen and the VSG Weberwiese 72. As a cup winner in the leisure sector, Horrido is in the state cup. In qualifying, there was a win due to the opponent not appearing, now Tiergarten, a team from district league A, is waiting (4 p.m., on artificial turf in the Friedrich-Ebert-Stadion).

SUNDAYNSF Gropiusstadt – TuS MakkabiSomething for early risers is the first game on Sunday. The kick-off is at nine o’clock on the Silberstein sports field, the home of the NSF district league team. National player Antonio Rüdiger played for the Neukölln Sportfreunde in the D-Jugend. Makkabi is in the Oberliga for the first time this season, and they got off to a great start with seven points from four games.

BSV Heinersdorf – FC Viktoria 89 A league above Viktoria 89 did not come in well at all. After relegation from the third division, there was a major change in personnel, so far there has been no victory. At 11 a.m., the defending champion will play in the Kissingen Stadium, which is well worth seeing, with the state league team Heinersdorf. And if you want more trophies afterwards: At 1.30 p.m. on the artificial turf next door, Fortuna Pankow will play against Berliner SC.

Sportfreunde Kladow – Berolina Mitte

Kladow scored 20 goals in the district league – in two games. Last weekend there were 15 against Wartenberger SV alone. Not surprising that the Sportfreunde are leaders. The best-known player in the squad is Mehmet Aydin, who used to be on the ball for Tennis Borussia, Spandauer SV and Lichtenberg 47, among others. Aydin, 33, has already contributed seven goals in the first two games. And this time? The answer against Berolina Mitte, also from the district league, will be available from 11 a.m. (green belt).

Kickers 1900 – VSG AltglienickeSmall versus big, that’s the eternal attraction in the early stages of the cup. This is where teams meet that are otherwise in different spheres. The biggest difference is in Monumentenstraße (1 p.m.): Kickers is at home in the district league B, Altglienicke is six floors higher in the regional league. During the week, VSG conceded a goal deep in injury time 2-2 against FSV Luckenwalde.

Union Southeast – BW Hohen Neuendorf Last year, Union Southeast was the first tenth division team in the history of the Berlin Cup to reach the round of 16. In the meantime, USO is in the district league A and is ahead again in the still young season. It comes to a duel between two leaders, because Hohen Neuendorf leads the rankings one league higher (2 p.m., Treseburger Ufer).

Delay Sports – BFC Südring It will certainly be full in the Preussen Stadium on Malteserstraße, because at 2 p.m. the newly founded association Delay Sports will be involved. The club around Internet star Elias Nerlich is, alongside New Team Berlin, one of two representatives from the lowest division, the district league C. Delay Sports is also not a typical C league team in terms of footballing quality, winning 5-1 in the qualifying round against the two leagues higher resident 1. Traber FC. But now an opponent of a different quality is coming: Südring is playing in the national league.

Wacker 21 Lankwitz – Stern Marienfelde Nowhere is the way to round one as short for the visiting team as in the neighborhood duel in the south-west. It is only a two-kilometer walk from Stern Marienfelde square to the Klaus Bergmann sports facility on Gallwitzallee. Bergmann was a member of Wacker for almost 72 years, “of which 50 years in managerial positions”, as can be read on the club’s website (kick-off 3:15 p.m.).

Hilalspor – Lichtenberg 47Even the longest cup day comes to an end. At the end at 5 p.m. in Wiener Strasse there is still an attractive performance on the program. Hilalspor – four games, four wins in the Berlin league – challenges the regional league team Lichtenberg 47.