John Kuhn along with the Green Bay QB were mates from 2007 to 2015

“I am certain contract a part of this. I am certain that years ensured is part of that. Not only being a highest-paid quarterback or the best paid in your own position. However, I feel the safety going forward is part of the, and I believe being on precisely the exact same webpage as having open communication at which all sides feel as though they have been noticed,” Kuhn said.

“Aaron and I will be buddies. We spent a number of their lives together in precisely the exact same meeting chambers, on precisely the exact same practice area. So we do speak. And quite honestly this is something which I think is ”

Rodgers’ problems with the Packers allegedly originated from the decision to draft Jordan Love from the initial round of last season’s event without consulting him.

Rodgers raised eyebrows following the NFC Championship when he stated that he was”unsure” of the future in Green Bay. While Packers officials and Rodgers explained those remarks, the 2020 NFL MVP informed ESPN in April that he had been unsure if lots of his potential with the group was in his palms.