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Justice - Huawei-Finance chief released on bail, The US left the Manager, Meng Wanzhou, had, in spite of sanctions equipment to Iran and sold. China urged Canada the release of Mengs. © Photo: Jane Wolsak/The Canadian Press/AP/dpa in...
Contents page 1 — keep the noodles, weigh-page 2 — outraged parents, the fault of the Caterer page 3 — "The bad word profit" On a page About taste, but about the size of a Serving of pasta...
"I'm not Worried that Kevin Kühnert with his demands. But what I find not good on the System: The stock exchanges-capitalism is based solely on share price increases and those that speculate. The related remuneration for managers...
Three days after the arrest of car's Manager Carlos Ghosn in Japan, has decided the Board of Directors of Nissan its deposition. The car maker said. Previously, the Board of Directors, following a recommendation from the Nissan...
The Bayer subsidiary, Monsanto has once again suffered a defeat in the legal dispute to the glyphosate-containing weed killer Roundup. A Jury in Oakland, California sentenced the company on Monday to a billion penalty. Monsanto must pay,...
The customs has uncovered in the past year, more violations of the minimum wage law, as well as more cases of undeclared work and illegal employment. In the minimum wage, the number of 1.316 cases in the...
The Swiss have voted by a majority against a ceiling for land. In a nationwide popular vote, 64 percent of voters rejected the so-called urban sprawl initiative. The Greens wanted to leave in the Constitution States that...


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Now the message to the sick Cars with (1.5), which is...

Heist-op-Den-Berg, Belgian children's Cancer support fund (BKKS) is a text-action and have started for the little Cars to Need from Booischot. He is 17...