Federal Minister of justice Katarina Barley wants to prevent the planned Reform of the basic tax leads to rising Rents. The editorial network Germany (RND), said the SPD politician, it was to prohibit house owners, the property tax on the rental of exasperation. The goal of a Reform should rather be “the safeguarding of socially acceptable Rents and the provision of affordable housing, especially in urban areas,” said the Minister, who is also landlord and tenant law responsible.

the debate on The necessary Reform of the reason goes back to a tax on a judgment of the Federal constitutional court last April. The judges in Karlsruhe had classified the current assessment of the land tax as unconstitutional and the legislature by the end of 2019, a new regulation required. They feel this is necessary, since the unit values underlying the calculation have not been adjusted in decades. The judges complained that this violates the principle of equality.

the SPD wants to burden property owners and landlords more

Barleys party and Cabinet colleague Olaf Scholz, a first reform proposal. According to the, as yet, unofficial plans of the Federal Finance Minister and Vice-Chancellor, the tax is no longer as in the past, per property, but in the future, for each apartment to be calculated individually. As a criteria, then area and age of the apartment and the rent should apply. In the case of self-occupied property, the amount of the tax should be calculated on the basis of the housing benefit table.

experts assume, that Rents would increase as landlords pass on the property tax, often, their tenants – what is there to prevent the Minister of justice. It is agreed with the SPD parliamentary group Chairman from the Federation and the länder, which had been made in ensuring that tenants be relieved financially and in the Reform of property owners and landlords more to the Fund are to be asked.

CDU protested: “A mistake”

From the Christian democratic coalition partner is a contradiction in terms. To delete “the levy capacity of the property tax on the rent, it is an aberration”, said the CDU-politician Jan-Marco Luczak to the RND. The idea was not well thought out, since they lead to a more load on all tenants. “Owners will increase for new leases to offset the rent. This, in turn, leads to an increase in the local comparative rent and gives all landlords greater scope for rent increases.”

First resolutions for the Reform could take place shortly after the new year hit. For the 14. January had invited the Federal Minister of Finance Scholz, his country colleagues to a top-level meeting. Previously, the state governments had urged that the necessary legislation will be completed in a timely manner.