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The Volkswagen group appears to be preventing the retrofitting of diesel vehicles, the emission standard 5 on the basis of the Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) provided technical guidelines. According to information of the mirror of...
People keep making New Year resolutions, year after year after year. And conspicuously, most don’t live up to them. Anyway, that’s not the point here.  The point here is, making resolutions, every year makes sense because it reminds you...
In the year 2018, the insured storm losses in Germany are particularly high. As the Association of the German insurance economy (GDV) stated, storm and hail caused all in all, 2.2 billion euros in damage to homes...

Minimum wage: Who has helped?

the work of The minimum wage Commission is difficult: it Sets the minimum wage too low, he remains ineffective, the financial Situation of low-income earners is improved. It sets the minimum wage too high, jobs are at...
In the case of the German arms exports a significant decline for the current year. Up to the 13. December were approved according to the Federal Ministry of the economy, exports of weapons and other military equipment...
Contents page 1 — "All want new homes, but not in front of the own door" page 2 — "Also softer forms of cooperation to more land" On a page "We would like to build more, but there...
Rising energy prices have ensured that in Germany in the year average for Inflation of 1.9 percent. This was the highest level in six years, according to the Federal Statistical office in a first estimate. In 2012,...


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Draft final report: coal Commission wants to compensate power plant operators

The coal Commission the government wants to respond to consumers and producers, when the Coal phase-out. This is evident from the proposals...