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Germany rising from the coal. The decided the so-called coal Commission in the early Saturday morning. It solves a Blockade that has dominated energy policy in this country for far too long. Because even if the result is only a recommendation and not a government policy – it’s hard to do, if representatives of the business community, environmental organizations, climate experts and trade unions in such a controversial field. It shows that Talking helps, consensus does not automatically mean arrest. You can also change something together.

the government Follows the recommendations, could make the energy sector-after all, the climate target for 2030. No later than 2038 should be an end to coal-fired power generation. And even the economy are: The goes, without that the light goes out or the electricity prices skyrocket. The hambach forest, has long been the Symbol of a backward-looking energy policy, because he should make way for the brown coal open-pit mining, should continue to grow.

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It will be opened to build no new day, no new power plants are built, instead, the affected regions get aid for the structural change. The dirtiest power plants in the Republic to be turned off, and also in Lusatia in the mid-2020’s will be the coal combustion is reduced. But even more important is: by 2022, a total of 12 gigawatts of coal power will go from the network. The beginning of the end starts very soon.

This is not only a success of this Commission, which is also a success for the students who had gone the day before on the road. It is a victory for the protesters, who have demonstrated again and again against the deforestation in the hambach forest, and also all of those who feel the ever-growing new environmental movement to belong to. Also because of this public pressure, this result was possible. And, of course, because some politicians were afraid that the AfD makes the unclear future of the coal regions during the election campaign. Now you have to show for it, such as, for example, the Brandenburg Minister-President Dietmar Woidke, at least a clear Plan, and billions in aid.