The production of cars and motor vehicles in Germany has declined significantly in the past year. This is the Federal Statistical office said. Accordingly, compared to the first half of the year, in the second half of the year 2018, a decline of 7.1 percent.

One reason for the decline in production is according to the details of the conversion to the new exhaust test standard WLTP. This will apply from September for all new cars in the EU. Many car manufacturers are not behind with the certification of their cars for the new measurement methods, some models, therefore, were not available. In September, the new-car market collapsed, therefore, across the EU.

As the Wiesbaden-based authority announced that production decreased in the total manufacturing sector in Germany in the period of 2.0 per cent. This number is mainly due to the auto industry: If one sector are calculated out of the car, is the decline in the manufacturing sector was only 0.9 percent. So, too, industry will be affected areas that do not belong directly to the automotive industry, through the development of Automotive production, such as the metal and plastic production.

How high is the share of the automotive industry to the overall economic development in Germany, show more, Figures from the Federal office. So the manufacturer provided in the year 2016, according to the national accounts economic performance of EUR 134.9 billion. This corresponds to 4.7 percent of the total gross value added in Germany. The statisticians in Wiesbaden, Germany, spoke of a “considerable importance” because of the size and interconnectedness of Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW and its subsidiary companies.