the chances of migrants on the German labour market, to strengthen the Federal employment Agency (BA) and the Federal government in the future of their cooperation. For this, the chief Executive of the BA, drew Scheele, Detlef, a cooperation agreement with the integration of the Federal government, Annette Widmann-Mauz (CDU) officers, such as the BA in Nuremberg announced.

The agreement establishes, according to the BA and the Commissioner for integration “for the first time, long-term cooperation”, to increase the chances of migrants on the labour market, and risks for discrimination to reduce. Particularly promote the Integration of immigrant women on the labour market should be. Young migrants and their parents should be better informed, advised and on the way from school to work are supported.

“work is a key for Integration and helps to gain a foothold in society,” said Widmann-Mauz. BA chief Scheele pointed out that the economic success of Germany depended, “and that, if possible, the entire pool of potential Skilled labour in our country exploit”.

number of employed refugees rises

Scheele, also sees progress on refugee integration. This year, 60,000 to 70,000 refugees would find a Job, he said on Monday at a job fair for Refugees in Berlin. Scheele was the result of the about on language acquisition, the strengthening with the years. “I think above all, that it manages to bring many of the young refugees in education,” says Scheele.

According to information of the Federal employment Agency (BA) is increasing the number of refugees in Germany to find employment. In the summer of 2013, there were about 61,000 in mid-2017, the number amounted to 157,000. Currently 370,000 people from the major asylum countries of origin – Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Nigeria and Eritrea – have a Job in Germany. It was 100,000 more than a year earlier. This total number is divided into 300,000 no-social insurance paid and 70,000 Mini-Jobs.

At the same time, the Agency, according to Federal currently, 600,000 of employable Refugees in the job centers registered. This means that you are, for example, integration courses, or registered as unemployed.