History 02/01/20 “Wolf mark”: what tattoo had German prisoners

After the Second world war a huge number of Nazis hiding from justice, fled from Germany, having settled throughout Europe, USA and South America. As far as possible from those places and people who they might know. But there were those who on their own initiative decided to fight the Nazi war criminals looking for them around the world. This so-called hunters for Nazis.

How did Nazi hunters

in 1946 there was the first organization whose purpose was the search for Nazi war criminals who managed to evade justice. “The Institute for the documentation of Nazi crimes” under the guidance of Tuvie Friedman were in search of documents on employees of the Wehrmacht, SS, Gestapo and other military units involved in mass killings and torture of people.

At the same time Austria began to “work” one of the most famous Nazi hunters is Simon Wiesenthal. According to journalist and historian Tom Segev, Wiesenthal had collaborated with the Israeli intelligence “Mossad” and is able to obtain not only funding for his Foundation, but also a monthly salary and also a fee for each one found and caught (and in some cases destroyed) Nazi.

In particular, using Wiesenthal “Mossad” managed to track down and kidnap Adolf Eichmann, was in charge of one of the departments of the Gestapo and personally involved in the destruction of thousands of Jews. After the war, the namesake of Hitler managed to escape from the allies. He fled to Argentina, where he improved a new passport, changed his name and appearance. But there was one feature to get rid of that Eichmann could not. As he recalled in his memoirs, Wiesenthal himself, she became one of the indisputable evidence of the involvement of former Gestapo to the SS.

the Mark SS

the fact that even before the war – in 1935 – the chief doctor of Gravis the SS and reichsführer Himmler speakingif you have entered for the employees of this structure and all its subsidiaries (which included the Gestapo) mandatory tattoo with indication of blood group. This innovation had two objectives. First, it helped in case of injury as quickly as possible to determine what kind of blood is needed for transfusion. Secondly, the wounded with such a tattoo was supposed to be served first.

the Tattoo was not supposed to be very noticeable, but at the same time, if necessary, it can be easy to detect. Initially, apply a tattoo decided on the inner side of the left shoulder – above the elbow. But with the beginning of hostilities it has become clear that having lost the hands of soldiers lost their stigma. But because it began to fill in the armpit or in the sky. So now be quite clear photos in which American or British troops carefully inspect the armpits and mouths of German prisoners. The vast majority of owners of these tattoos were hardened criminals involved in killing many prisoners and prisoners of war.

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