What are the Russian generals played the role of executioners

Another 02/01/20 What Russian generals played the role of executioners

Every military leader is often in a situation where without the harsh, even brutal measures will not do. But one thing – to order execution of the coward, the traitor or the Marauder, and quite another – to carry out the sentence personally. At all times it was considered not quite respectable for a commander, and occupation. And at all times there were cases when the generals all become executioners.

Here are some examples from Russian history.

Gleb Svyatoslavich, Prince of Novgorod.

In the middle ages all the Russian princes in one way or another were generals. Gleb Svyatoslavich of Novgorod successfully led the militia during the endless princely strife. In 1071, tells the “Tale of bygone years” in Novgorod had a riot, the head of which stood a magician. The situation was very tense, most of the townspeople sided with the pagan magician.

the Prince, hiding under the cloak axe, one came against the crowd, at the head of which stood the sorcerer. The record leads the dialogue between the Prince and leader of the rebellion. On the question of the Prince, is it true that the wise man sees the future and knows everything that will happen, he replied in the affirmative. After that, Gleb asked whether the sorcerer knows what will happen with him today? To this question the answer was: “great Wonders will do!”. Then the Prince drew from beneath his cloak the hatchet and split the skull of the Magi. Making sure that the sorcerer in not much of a magician and a visionary, and most importantly, deprived of a leader, the people of Novgorod went home.

Malyuta Skuratov

Grigory Lukyanovich Skuratov-Belsky, known under the name Malyuta Skuratov, was not only a favorite of Ivan the terrible and cruel henchmen, but also a commander, and a brave and quite successful. He died like a true warrior, personally leading during the Livonian war, the Swedish assault on the fortress of Weissenstein in 1573.

However, a well-known Skuratov still not his bravery, and what was known as the executioner and the torturer, not just who led the investigation and executions, but also personally tortured and executed “enemies” of the Emperor and his own.

Alexander Danilovich Menshikov

the Favorite of Peter the great and successful commander. In the years of the Swedish campaign Menshikov headed the cavalry, demonstrating admirable personal bravery. Noteburg, Shlisselburg, Narva was taken with his most active participation. Distinguished Menshikov and at Poltava.

But the brave commander did not disdain to personally carry out the work of the executioner. The suppression of the Streltsy uprising in 1698, Alexander Danilovich, in his own words, he had personally executed at least twenty of the rebels.

the Baron Ungern

the violence faced by Russia during the civil war, dwarfs all previous examples. And white and red distinguished himself in this sense in an equal degree. Among whites it is possible to allocate ataman Semenov and his subordinate and one of the closest companions of Baron Ungern. Acting in the far East, in Dauria, and near the border with Mongolia, unit Semenova terrified the civilian population. Dealt harshly not only with the prisoners of the red army, but with its own soldiers accused of desertion, cowardice and other offences.

In the army Semenova flourished corporal punishment and executions. Baron Ungern was famous for, among other things, the fact that brought these sentences personally. He was beaten with a stick, the offending soldiers, and himself, according to the memoirs of contemporaries “personally with pleasure shot the prisoners to death” (from the notes of the former head of the private office of ataman Semenova, L. F. Vlasyevsky).

Leon Trotsky

In the red army orders was no less hard than White. In 1918, at Sviyazhsk Leon Trotsky first used the ancient Roman capital punishment to the convicted of cowardice Legionnaires – decimation, that is, every tenth shot. Were punished the 2 nd Petrograd regiment, who had fled from the battlefield. There is evidence that Trotsky not only gave the order, nOh, and personally participated in the executions. However, no documentary evidence of this fact is not.

Marshal Zhukov

Georgy Zhukov – one of the most colourful and controversial figures in Russian military history. Military leader who defeated Hitler’s Germany, he will forever remain in people’s memory, as Marshal of the Victory. At the same time there are many testimonies of the cruelty of this man. We must not forget that this occurred in circumstances where the act of the famous order No227 “not one step back” that gave officers the right to shoot panic-mongers and deserters on the spot.

as an example of what I was capable of Zhukov, often lead the story told twice hero of the Soviet Union, pilot V. I. Popkov. According to the hero-pilot it was so. In August 1942 at Stalingrad, he was summoned to the bet. There gathered a lot of officers. All of them arrived in the area of fighting Zhukov threw the ringer, with obscene curses and screams. Blamed for the fact that the poor are fighting for the disastrous situation at the front. Then Georgy said that now will show how to deal with cowards and traitors. Everyone was invited to leave the yard. There brought the three men in tunics without insignia, which he shot up a platoon of machine gunners. Zhukov himself the weapon in hands did not take, but personally commanded the firing squad.

Experts put this episode into serious question, though, because Popkov and beetles could not physically meet at Stalingrad. The commander in chief arrived there in August 1942, and the part where he fought Popkov, according to the documents – only in December of the same year. Apparently, the old pilot’s memory has failed him when he gave this famous and repeatedly reprinted in different editions of the interview.

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