Why the ROC is forbidden to bury Brodsky in the Russian cemetery in Venice

History 31/12/19 Why the ROC is forbidden to bury Brodsky in the Russian cemetery in Venice

“If there is reincarnation, I’d like my next life to live in Venice” — so said Joseph Brodsky. No wonder the poet wanted to find his last refuge on the island of San Michele. However, the Russian Orthodox Church is not allowed to bury Brodsky in the Russian part of the local cemetery. And as it turned out, there were reasons.

the death of the poet

As you know, Joseph Alexandrovich Brodsky left the Soviet Union in 1972. The poet settled in the United States. There’s also almost a quarter of a century he died. It is noteworthy that, despite the fact that the death occurred in the night from 27 to 28 January 1996, when Brodsky was at home, he died not in his bed. According to the book of Alexander Bobrova, “Joseph Brodsky. The eternal wanderer”, the wife of the writer, Maria misses sozzani was not too surprised when in the morning did not find her husband in bed: Brodsky often stayed late in his office, and often there and fell asleep.

So it was that night. Waking up, Maria went up to the office in order to Wake Joseph Alexandrovich, but alive she is not caught. Brodsky was lying on the floor in broken glasses. Most likely, the lifeless body was in this position for a few hours. At least, according to Valentina Polukhina, the author of the book “Joseph Brodsky: life, works, age” 55-year-old poet died of a heart attack within 2 hours of the night. Despite the fact that Brodsky had a weak heart, his sudden death was a real blow for his loved ones.

From new York to Venice

meanwhile, the funeral of the poet to his relatives to worry didn’t have. The fact that, as he recalled a friend of Joseph Brodsky, Ilya the Water, whose words are quoted in the book of Sergey Nechayev, “Russian Italy”, just a few days before his death the writer has acquired for itself a place on one new York cemeteries. However, Paola Volkova in the publication “Arseniy and Andrey by Tarkovsky” wrote that Joseph A. wanted to find peace not in the United States, and the island of San Michele in Venice, the Italian city he loved.

But Brodsky and had no idea that his dream will ever be realized. But thanks to the efforts of friends of the poet after 1 year and 7 months, the remains of Joseph Alexandrovich was transported to Venice for subsequent burial. The journey was not without adventure. According to Gennady Prashkevich in his book “the Most famous poets of Russia”, the plane the coffin Brodsky suddenly opened. And in Venice when you carry the casket in the hearse he did and broke in half. But our troubles were not ended.

Brodsky and religion

according to Vladimir Solovyev, the author of the book “Brodsky. Double with someone else’s face,” Joseph Brodsky wanted to be buried in the Russian cemetery of San Michele between the graves of Diaghilev and Stravinsky. Here only the Russian Orthodox Church their consent is not given due to the fact that Brodsky was not an Orthodox man. Moreover, the poet was generally unbaptized. Being a Jew, according to Lyudmila Shtern, author of “the Poet without a pedestal”, Brodsky was not even a synagogue. When a friend of the writer became an Orthodox Jew, called him a, Brodsky shrugged: “I am with my sense of Divine are closer to God than any Orthodox”.

However, Joseph Brodsky, according to Peter Weil in his book “Joseph Brodsky: works and days”, felt like a Christian. Perhaps that is why, if you believe Fedor Razzakov, the author of the book “the Last days and hours of people’s Pets”, a place for the poet found only in the Protestant section of the graveyard of San Michele. However, when the gravediggers dug a hole, it turned out that there already are someone’s remains. Had to urgently look for another place. And yet his last refuge Brodsky, albeit not without difficulty, found it in Venice.

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