As the Germans with the help of moonshine fought against the Soviet partisans

History 31/12/19 the Germans with the help of moonshine fought against Soviet partisans

One of the highlight of the German occupation during the great Patriotic war was the revival of brewing in the occupied Soviet territories. The Nazis not only did not pursue this “hunt”, but even encouraged it.

“the prevalence of food welfare in the village”

the Occupation administration, knowing about the desire of the Slavic population to the consumption of alcohol does not interfere with the moonshine. The reason was that the sign of “prosperity” distinguished German orders from the Soviet. Actively, for example, moonshine brewed in Lokotskogo Republic, where the raw materials farmers used excess foods – beetroot, frozen potato, millet, corn. About home production of alcohol is often remembered even by those witnesses of the occupation, which at that time were children.

“After the revolution it was the most accurate indicator of nutritional wellbeing in the village. First the Germans were surprised that a Russian can drink this crap, but very soon got used to it and destroyed him in no smaller numbers than Russian,” — said one of the evidences of the historical-documentary book “Under the Germans”.

“to Make moonshine for soldering partisans”

Soon the Nazis realized that alcohol can be used against the main enemy in the rear – Soviet partisans.

“the Documents say that the invaders were often forced local peasants to force the guerrillas to drink, — writes the historian Elena Pavlova, citing papers from the state archives of Belarus. – So, in the fall of 1943, the German authorities gave orders to the peasants to make moonshine for soldering the guerrillas with the purpose of obtaining intelligence information”.

Calculation of the invaders was correct – drinking exerted a very demoralizing effect on “people’s Avengers”. Some men are so addicted to the “green snake”, whichwas vymenivali to brew women’s jewelry and clothing produced by robbery. Talk about military discipline in such conditions was not necessary.

“a Terrible thing, when the armed men left without military orders, all by ourselves. Such groups, without noticing it, involuntarily turning to gangs, the purpose of which is profit and moonshine,” said a former guerrilla V. I. Yurchik (cited in the article of the Belarusian Professor Ivan Basyuka).

Drunken partisans become easy prey punitive, Yes, and sometimes even kill each other. A case is given in the memoirs of the partisan Commissioner Andrew Yudenkova “goodbye”

“at First we did not attach much importance to what partisans sometimes drinks a glass. Then began to receive more and more alarming signals. There were even cases, when on this soil, people were dying.

Here is an example. The post time is. He hears someone coming. It should shout:

Wait! Who goes there?

In response to hear:

brown, Hande Hoch!

Time, without hesitation, sends out a machine gun and it’s over. Red alert, the partisans are ready to fight. However, there are no Germans. When checking it turned out that one of our soldiers, returning tipsy from the “hospitable” at home, he decided to scare time. “Joke” was tragically ended: because of their loose killed a good man.”

the Fight against alcoholism in partisan detachments

the Supreme partisan command understood, the detrimental impact of alcoholism. Although not to make moonshine, it was difficult (it is for example, served as a replacement for alcohol during medical operations), commanders of individual units began to fight the sale of alcohol, including by forfeiture.

“the Guerrillas were brought to the attention of the local population that moonshine and soldering is regarded as a subversive work. Seized moonshine. So, in the villages Lipichanskaya the forest they were seized 36 pieces,” — said Elena Pavlova.

Taken harsh measures against the guerrillas themselves. For example, in shelf andmeni Sergeya Lazo violators of the “dry law” even threatened to be shot, however, in fact, the guilty soldiers were just sent to the brig. As recalled Andrei Udencov direct prohibition has led to positive results and only 2 cases of its violation.

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