Why the red army at the front could not feed for a few days

History 14/01/20 Why the red army at the front could not feed for several days,

is it True that in the Great Patriotic war, soldiers could not feed for a few days? About any war always goes a lot of myths, and the Great Patriotic war in this regard is no exception. Myths can be divided into two groups. The first is the attempts of the Soviet politicians to justify the failure of the red Army or to prove their personal significant role in the victory over the enemy. Now published enough documents so that investigators could get to the truth.

the Second group of myths can be called “anti-Soviet”. They tell about the ineptitude of leadership, inability of the red Army to fight, and so Appeared these remarks in the nineties, they existed during the war, and certainly after it.

There is a famous assertion that the red Army went into battle with one rifle for two, three, or even more people. Despite the absurdity of such statements, the authors even manage to give some documentary evidence.

for Example, there are reports about sending parts to the front with the shortage of weapons. But nobody ever said that these parts of the attack were unarmed. They just received it somewhat later. There is evidence in the German documents, when they encountered Soviet troops, in which rifles were not enough. But a careful study of the materials, it appears that we are talking about the railway battalion, in which rifles are put not for everyone.

There are also many stories about the fact that the Soviet part in a few days no food and soldiers EN masse was starving. And in confirmation of this result in the actual documents, from reports and references to personal letters of the red army. And sometimes even made far-reaching conclusions about the consciousness of these actions: say, why feed, if still to the slaughter?

it Looks like UTVeridania extremely ridiculous. In any army in the world, there is one General rule: “food for fighters is just as important as giving them weapons.” And the Patriotic saying: “war is War, and lunch schedule” you know, even those who did not serve. By the way, saying this appeared in the times of Suvorov or even earlier.

that is Why the staff always fed well. Sometimes even better, than it was possible. Just remember Roman N. Chukovsky “Baltic sky”, when the blockade pilots fed by all the standards laid. And how it was morally difficult to eat much when very close to died from starvation of the children. As soldiers of all ranks, being in the city at the first opportunity shared with residents food. A lot of stories, because there are a lot of people who donated unknown soldier a loaf of bread and tin of food helped to survive. For example, the mother of the author of these lines.

But there are documents that say that the soldiers of some units had not received food for a long period of time, is. To understand what was going on, we need these documents to study. The facts, when the soldiers for several days did not receive food, took place on the Leningrad, Kalinin and Western fronts in 1941. A similar situation exists on the Stalingrad front in the autumn of 1942. There is a memo of the Special Department of NKVD of Stalingrad front “About the shortcomings in the existing system of food supply to troops of the army” dated 27 October 1942.

In this and other similar documents it is reported that in October the part and the whole front connection is not systematically received power, sometimes for several days. It is mentioned that the soldiers of these parts seen begging food from the local population. Are some letters of soldiers home, which contain the complaint: “…Are in a very bad position. Now 3 days, as I do not eat…”, “…We are not fed will die not from bullets, but from hunger…”.

discussed in Detail and the reasons for suchviolations. Indeed, the soldiers of the Stalingrad front in October were in a difficult position. For the upcoming offensive were deployed a lot of troops, and the territory in which was not something that the warehouses of the food, but it was not at all settlements and roads. There was nothing but steppe and snow. In a difficult situation, when troops commit many kilometers marches on unfamiliar terrain, the number of different inconsistencies, it was incredibly large. The division lost in the desert for several of his battalions, the rear hopelessly behind. Supply system that existed in the army, this situation has not worked. There were many examples when parts couldn’t get the food as close to them were strangers to the rear of the unit. And his rear was many kilometers away and could not feed someone.

In this case to talk about malice is not exactly necessary. According to the results of the tests were taken, allowing to avoid similar situations in the future. In particular, it was introduced the system by which troops could get food from any of the nearest warehouse. All the perpetrators of NKVD punished according to the laws of war.

the Study of the documents proves that if there were cases when entire units and were without food, it refers to situations that in the war to provide not. And more important in these examples that the command overreacted to such cases and take precautions.

Cyril Shishkin

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