Why the Americans wanted to drop the moon atomic bomb

Weapons 15/01/20 Why did the Americans drop the atomic bomb moon

As you know, Americans first landed on the moon Earth person. But originally the plans were much more aggressive.

the prestige

the Landing of American astronauts on the moon in 1969 provoked a space successes of the USSR: the launch of Sputnik and Gagarin’s flight. No practical use, except to strengthen the faltering prestige expeditions “Apollo” was not. Soil samples and photographs can be collected by automatic stations.

there was another aspect — the military. The USSR demonstrated the power of its industry and the potential to use near-earth space for non-peaceful purposes. I had to answer. And what could be better than the destruction of something big? For Example… The Moon!

And in the 50-ies of the military from the US air force launched “Project A115” involving a nuclear strike on the moon not late 1958. So the use of atomic weapons, the U.S. was first, and the help of Werner von Braun, the father of rockets “FAU”, which at the time worked for Nasa, was secured.

Eggheads hawks

in Fairness, the first idea of the possibility of the atomic bombing of the moon expressed created the American thermonuclear bomb, Edward teller. However, hypothetically speaking, but he heard it. The project has attracted other scientists and all of it began to resemble a smaller copy of the “Manhattan project”.

Launched a campaign of cover up in the media, having begun to publish disinformation that the Soviet Union is preparing to inflict a nuclear strike on the moon to 7 November 1957, the fortieth anniversary of the October revolution. Moreover, on this day fell the lunar Eclipse — say, the explosion will be visible to everyone.

Created and the charge, and the media that deliver it to the moon. The staff of the Illinois Institute of technology was to figure out how to do nuclear strike visible from Earth — even mushroom the clouds would not have happened, the atmosphere on the moon no. And why do we need a demonstration of power that no one would notice?

Decided to take off “gift” on the terminator line — the visible lines between the light side of the moon from the dark. Then the explosion raised a cloud of dust became the Sun, and all saw it.

Heavy charge, the Americans would be unable to deliver — there were no technical possibilities, so settled on uranium-plutonium warhead W25 capacity of 1.7 kilotons.

But the project remained on paper: in January 1959 the air force without explanation, turned the work. American researchers believe that because of the fear to violate the integrity of the moon, which would lead to the destabilization of the tides on Earth, at least. Project Manager physicist Leonard Reiffel sure that it is due to possible colonization of the moon: radioactive pollution from the explosion would reduce the potentially usable area.

the Mystery was apparent

“the Project A115” was so secret that even in the United States for decades knew nothing about it. It all came out in the 90s, almost by accident. Writer Kay Davison studied for book a biography of astrophysicist Carl Sagan and found that he did calculations of the lunar nuclear explosion. Davison began to dig further and bit by bit gathered details.

the Official U.S. government did not react: neither confirmed nor denied. And there was publicly made by the former head of “Project A115” Leonard Reifel, which confirmed the reality of the plan and marching in this direction. Statement as authoritative in the USA the scientist has not been given to translate the theme into the plane of the conspiracy and evil designs of the world behind the scenes.

Konstantin Baranovsky

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