Like thieves in the law ahead of the Olympics fought crime

History 15/01/20 As thieves on the eve of the Olympics fought crime

the Moscow Summer Olympics of 1980 was held in a difficult time. The tense foreign policy situation, the growth of the terrorist threat in the world and in the Soviet Union, the increased criminogenic situation in the capital: all this forced the authorities to go on unprecedented security measures.

Munich is not, repeat

it was Still fresh in the memory of the tragedy at the Munich Olympics in 1972. Then the victims of the attacks of the Palestinian terrorist organization Black September were 17 people. The world has not become safer and in different parts of the world terrorists hijacked buses and airplanes, blowing up buildings and trains, captured and killed hostages. 8 January 1977 for the first time terrorist acts have come to Moscow: Soviet capital was struck by three explosions occurred with an interval of 40 minutes, in which 7 people were killed and another 37 were wounded. All this required hard work of law enforcement bodies and security services.

to Prepare for providing security at the forthcoming Moscow Olympics started immediately after the decision the IOC about the venue, taken in October 1974. To explore the experience at large sports forums the Soviet delegation, headed by Deputy head of the 5 Directorate of the KGB Ivan Abramov visited Montreal, Canada – the capital of summer Olympic games of 1976.

in the Summer of 1977 in the structure of the KGB established a special Department, whose task was the identification of hostile elements and the failure of any subversive activities on the territory of the USSR in the period of preparation and holding of the Olympic games in Moscow. However, security measures were attended not only by the KGB, and the Ministry of interior. All operational and organizational work in this direction, “Committee members” was carried out in close cooperation with the police. To help them were sent to newly formed units personswow destination – a prototype of a “Riot”. All information related to security Games, flocked to the Olympic stadium management.

Pretty quick work of law enforcement officers has borne fruit. By may 1980, under the control of the security organs were about 2700 individuals, both Soviet and foreign citizens, who were suspected of involvement in the preparation of terrorist or extremist actions. Within the country were identified more than 70 agents of foreign intelligence services and 12 members of the terrorist organization “Muslim Brothers”: all set vigilant operational control.

the Responsibility for domestic law enforcement were huge: it was necessary to ensure the safety of more than 5 thousand of participants, about 6 thousands of journalists gathered to cover sports, as well as more than 115 thousand Soviet citizens who served the guests of the capital. To fulfill the assigned tasks were involved in no less than 50 thousand law enforcement officers and investigators.

Measures – the result received

in addition to mishandled elements of Soviet law enforcement was concerned with the criminals in the country. In 1979 in the framework of crime prevention in the capital region and had carried out large-scale operation “Lights of Moscow”, whose aim was the detection and elimination of major crime centers. One of the outcomes of this operation was the identification of two illegal organizations engaged in carting. As a result Moscow for a few days was cleared of several hundred taxi drivers-illegal immigrants.

in the Spring of 1980, investigators had conducted another large-scale operation under the code name “Arsenal” is aimed at detection and seizure of firearms, ammunition and explosives illegally stored in the population. The result of the measures taken in Moscow and the Moscow region seized about 7,000 firearms. Investigators have established greater control over the persons accused of illegal acquisition of firearms, explosives, radioactivetion and toxic substances, as well as suspected of committing especially dangerous crimes.

the Traditional measure was to send individuals prone to antisocial manifestations, the mentally ill or harbored aggressive intentions of 101 km for the whole period of the Games. Such, according to the reports of the interior Ministry, were about 50 thousand people. Around the perimeter of the capital was set posts: to get into the city during the Olympics was by special permit only, “unwanted” or suspicious tourists were intercepted at airports, railway stations and sent back. In the summer of 1980 Moscow became closed for many speculators from the regions, which are purchased in the capital scarce goods and sold at home at an inflated price.

According to reports, the Ministry of internal Affairs, only preventive measures were made in respect of more than 15 thousand Soviet citizens, suspected of involvement in illegal actions: 14 countrymen, “embarked on a hostile path of socialism” for political and operational reasons, were deprived of Soviet citizenship and exiled abroad, 433 people received real time: mainly for crimes against the state, smuggling, currency manipulation, theft of property and robbery.

there were of course omissions. So, on the eve of the Olympics from the Georgian prison escaped several dangerous criminals. On operative channels have received the message that one of the escapees – a TB patient Gary Ashuba – went to Moscow with two pistols (he shot allegedly without removing hands from the pockets of the cloak) to direct “nix”. In the capital felon has somehow entered, however, during one of the bouts of illness he was forced to call an ambulance. So Ashuba and betray yourself.

Crime on the security

the network is a very popular story that on the eve of the Olympics for more than 20 crime bosses were taken to the police Department on Petrovka for a meeting with the Minister of internal Affairs Nikolay Shchelokova and his Deputy Yuri Churbanov, son-in-law of General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev. According to this version, the thieves in the law was made a tempting offer: law enforcement officers forget their past sins, and in return they will ensure that during the Olympics no incidents will not happen. In case of default of the order they were threatened with life imprisonment or the death penalty.

an Official confirmation of this version finds. For example, Bogdan Rudyk, at that time head of the Department to ensure the secret work of the Moscow criminal investigation Department, reports that anything about this story knows. “Past me is not passed”, – he said. However, the former operative did not rule out that some suggestion on the channels of the criminal authorities could be made.

whatever it was, and the crime rate in Moscow in the summer of 1980 has decreased significantly. Perhaps this is a result of the effects of thieves on the representatives of the criminal world. According to rumors, the Olympic village, built for the Games in the new district of the capital Troparevo-Nikulino, were under the watchful eye of not only investigators, but charges of thief-in-law of Anatoly Cherkasov (“Cherkas”), a former war veteran. Otherwise the police would not cope with the threat Koptevskaya OPG, which controlled the area. “Cherkas” was previously seen in the cooperation with the KGB, in particular, he helped to prevent the invasion of the Caucasian ethnic groups in the capital before the Olympics.

During the Games the streets of Moscow round the clock patrolling tens of thousands of law enforcement officers. So as not to attract the attention they were dressed in civilian clothes, but this was an embarrassment. For all employees purchased the same suit bright purple color, which negated all attempts to disguise himself among the crowd. However, this curious episode did not affect the security measures in the capital. Muscovites and guests of the capital during carrying out all activities related to the Olympics, are not faced with any more or less serious crime. Recorded lish minor offences like brawl in a disco or fraud with the currency exchange.

However just before the Games received a number of calls to the police from women who complained that the passing cars on them are made some stinging shots. It turned out that the bullies the drivers of the car that held neon, idleness has made itself a powerful slingshot and shot into the crowd with metal staples. It turns out it was funny to see how women scream and jump up after each well-aimed shot. In the end, for my entertainment unlucky “advertisers” paid for 7 years of imprisonment.

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