Who is responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union, had said the head of the 5th Directorate of the KGB

History 05/01/20 Who is responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union, had said the head of the 5th Directorate of the KGB

Philip Denisovich Bobkov more than 15 years headed 5th, the so-called dissident KGB of the USSR, and then for 8 years he held the position of Deputy Chairman of the Committee of state security. Due to the nature of their professional activities Bobkov as no one else was familiar with the political side. Therefore, the opinion of the General, including concerning the collapse of the USSR, listened to many historians.

Who is Philip Bobkov?

according to the author of the book “Andropov and the KGB” Sergey Chertoprud, Philip Denisovich Bobkov began his career after the great Patriotic war as a cadet school GUKR SMERSH in Leningrad. After graduation in 1946 he received the rank of officer and was sent to serve in the Central apparatus of the Ministry of state security. Then he held the position of only the assistant to the operative. However, due to its professionalism in 10 years Bobkov was the head of the 4th control, dealing with ideological counterintelligence. Even several years later, Philip D. was appointed to the post of head of the 5th Department of the KGB of the USSR. More than 15 years Bobkov “oversaw” the Soviet dissidents.

If you believe Leonid Mlechin, the author of the publication “the KGB. The Chairman of the state security. Declassified destiny”, due to Bobkov struggle with dissidents transformed from “orders for destruction” in reassurance. Philip Denisovich believed that “dissent” is better to keep close to him, and so often helped famous representatives of the Soviet intelligentsia in obtaining exit visas and addressing other problems. Such action is expressed, according to Igor Sinitsin on the pages of his book “Andropov close. Memories of the days of the thaw and stagnation,” professionalism Bobkov. In addition, Sinitsin calls security officer and a shrewd politician.

Trotzkisyou and Khrushchev

it is not surprising that many modern historians have often asked the General Bobkov for comments regarding the political situation in the USSR and the collapse of the Soviet Union in particular. It is clear that most researchers were interested in the question of who was the main culprit for the collapse of the country. So, Vardan Baghdasaryan, in his book “October 1917. Russian project” claims that Philip Denisovich believed that the Soviet Union killed Trotskyists. According to Baghdasaryan, under the last Bobkov meant General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev and first President Mikhail Gorbachev.

In his memoir, “How to deal with “agents of influence” Philipp Bobkov was of the opinion that when Nikita Khrushchev came to power, he began to realize the idea of world revolution. And it took Khrushchev not only for socialist States but also in Africa, Asia and even Latin America. Bobkov wrote: “Sausage is not enough, and we built stadiums in Indonesia, armed free different countries. Why?”. The security officer stated confidently that if the funds went to the needs of their own citizens, all would live much better. A mistake of Khrushchev believed Bobkov and rupture of relations with China in 1956. “This is Trotskyism, — said Bobkov, which led to the well-known consequences”.

Conversation with Gorbachev

As we know, Nikita Khrushchev served as General Secretary until 1964. The next head of the country became Leonid Brezhnev. That’s when it Fillip Bobkov and took in 1969 the post of chief of the 5th Department of the KGB. The Chairman of the KGB was Yuri Andropov, who came to the post two years earlier in 1967. years Later, in 1988, when the helm was already Mikhail Gorbachev, in the chair of the KGB Chairman Kryuchkov sat down, soon, “famous for” his membership in the emergency Committee. It was said that Hooks was the master of fawning, and Gorbachev loved it.

according to the book by Vladislav Swede “How to destroy Russia? The Lithuanian version”, Kryuchkov and Gorbachev were two of us, when Bobkov, together with Colonel-General Konstantin Cabezon came to the President to discuss the Declaration of state sovereignty of Russia. Hooks, after reviewing the project, said that he sees nothing wrong in it. And Gorbachev assured the visitors that reasons to respond to the Federal authorities he sees. Bobkov was affected.

“the Plan Lyautey” and the inaction Bobkova

However, Philip Bobkov accused in the collapse of the Soviet Union not only “its” and “strangers”. So, the author of the book “How to kill Russia” Alexander Khinshtein writes that Bobkov claimed that British intelligence had a so-called “plan Lyautey”, according to which the country had to be organized a powerful anti-Soviet underground. The members of the underground have launched a programme aimed at weakening and undermining the existing in those years building. The main purpose of “plan Lyautey” was the collapse of the Soviet Union, but to achieve this would be to make it look like a collapse from the inside, not the outside.

meanwhile, Avigdor Eskin in the publication “the Jewish view on the Russian question” albeit indirectly, blames the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Bobkov, but rather accuses the General inaction. Eskin points to “short-sightedness”, which has suffered the 5th Directorate of the KGB at the time. The author is confident that the role of dissidents in the events were meager and that most of all for the collapse of the country were made by the representatives of the Soviet elite with its security services.

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