Alexander Barchenko: why Stalin shot the chief telepath of the OGPU

Biography 05/01/20 Alexander Barchenko: why Stalin shot the chief telepath of the OGPU

Occultist, writer and scientist Alexander Barchenko little known to the General public, although in his theories anticipated many of the discoveries subsequently made by science. Studying paranormal abilities he could not stay out of sight of the agents of the special body of state security of the USSR, the OGPU, which made him a full-time staff telepath.

Fateful meeting

who Dreamed about career of a doctor, Alexander in 1904 he became a student of the medical faculty of Kazan University, and a year later he transferred to the accounting Department of the University of Tartu. It was his fateful meeting with a teacher of jurisprudence Alexander Krivtsov radically change his Outlook and life.

Professor of Roman law shared with Barchenko esoteric teachings of the French mystic Saint-Yves de Alejadra, who claimed that in the prehistoric era the territory of Tibet there was a high-tech civilization of Rama, whose inhabitants had versanyi in all scientific fields and has outstanding abilities. After the mysterious death of this ancient culture, to escape from destruction was only a small group of people. One part of them settled in the dizzying heights of Tibet into the unknown country of Shambala, and the other one went to the far North, in Hyperborea.

Desire to study this subject, to find hidden from the modern earthlings, people who are able to communicate through thoughts alone, forced him to leave in 1905, studying and traveling in Russia, and even as a sailor to visit mystical India.

First works

Since 1911 Barchenko began to introduce scientific developments in their artistic and fantastic essays, which were printed in various publications. In his work outlining the theory that ZARojdenie of life on Earth occurred under the influence of the Sun, the powerful vortexes and explosions which could not only change the orientation of the arrows of the magnetic devices to ignite the Northern lights, but also to influence global social phenomena and events.

Anticipating the emergence of such scientific directions as solar biology, he applied to the description of the red planet, where, in his opinion, there is life, and the inhabitants of Mars, it seemed far more advanced in intellectual, psychological and technical beings than earthlings.

Barchenko was quite sure that the universe is filled with the finest and the invisible air, and the result of any brain activity is emitted psychophysical energy or N-rays, examined which it is possible to solve the mystery of the transmission of thought at a distance.


After the revolution of 1917, Alexander began to earn a living lecturing on the history of ancient science. Esoteric information, voiced them in the courts of Ballot, in 1918, interested not only sailors, but also security officers, Barchenko invited to a meeting in Petrograd of the Cheka.

However, contrary to the pessimistic expectations of the mystic he did not “sewing” thing, and made a proposal on cooperation. The responsibilities of the scientist-occultist was part of an in-depth study of psychic energy and telepathy, as well as the development of techniques of mind reading and hypnosis, so necessary to influence the consciousness of the proletarian masses and the counter-revolutionaries.

the Expedition to Lapland

January, 1920, was marked for Barchenko speech at the scientific conference held in the Central Institute for the study of brain and mental activity, the rector of which was the famous physiologist Vladimir Bekhterev.

Academician engaged in similar activities, persuaded the extraordinary mystic to work together. Alexander accepted his offer and became the Creator of the universal teachings about the rhythm, which he called “synthetic method based on drevher science.”
In the same year, on assignment spondylitis Barchenko went to a two-year expedition in Russian Lapland to study the strange disease of the local population, known as the “Maracana”.

In the course of scientific research esoteric found that amazing Lapps disease, which the doctors of the XIX called “mental contagion”, in fact, is a collective hypnosis. It occurs spontaneously and can last from couple hours to several days. During this mysterious action, all the villagers, as if at the behest of some higher power, both were in a trance, began to repeat the actions of each other, shouting in an incomprehensible language, tear their hair, wildly shaking his head, to carry out any task to predict the future and cause deadly wounds, not causing them no harm.

With the aim of solving this phenomenon Barchenko went on an expedition into the heart of the Kola Peninsula, in the area of traditional residence of the Lapps between Lovozero churchyard and Seidozero.

Here the participants were discovered half buried in the trench, a giant rock cult image, amazing menhirs and prehistoric ruins of the religious centers. These discoveries allowed scientist to conclude that the Lapps is the descendants of the very ancient Tibetan civilization, which not only possess pristine paranormal knowledge and skills, but also are the progenitors of the white race.

Secret lab

Returning from a business trip, Barchenko in 1923 he organized his supporters of the “United labor brotherhood”, where in addition to keen on the occult figures of culture and science became the head of the special Department of the OGPU Gleb Boki.

in Order to provide conditions for fruitful work of the scientist, in 1924, through the efforts of the security services was organized by the secret lab neuroenergetic. A conspiracy built at the Moscow power engineering Institute, where Barchenko was listed as a research fellow, investigated medicinal plants.

In CAbenetah this center has carried out experiments on the study of bioelectrical phenomena in the life of the cell and organism, and also developed interesting methods to identify individuals predisposed to the cryptographic case. Same here, was invited to survey mediums, healers, hypnotists, clairvoyants and other individuals, endowed with supernatural powers.

it’s so Sad

Among the “guests” secret lab a few months in the number and lapinski shaman Ivan Danilov, who was able at the photos to determine what for the moment engaged in shown people. Thanks to his extraordinary talent, Barchenko with Boki became the owners of compromising material on the top leaders of the Soviet Union.

as soon As this became known to Stalin, the fate of both was sealed. First arrested the lit, and then Barchenko, who is in charge of the organization of the counterrevolutionary terrorist group and spying for England, April 25, 1938, was sentenced to death.

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