Where in Europe were not welcome the liberation by the red Army from the Germans

History 12/01/20 Where in Europe were not welcome the liberation by the red Army from the Germans

After the expulsion of the enemy from the territory of the Soviet Union red Army soldiers began to liberate the Nazis from European countries who are unable to independently repel the Germans, who turned them into its satellites.

However, not all of the red army was greeted with joy and gratitude, and not all saw them as saviors, because they saw in them no less a threat than Nazi troops. Especially wary of Soviet soldiers were treated in Germany, Poland and Hungary, each of them had their own historical reasons.


the people of Germany in 1945 was expecting the arrival of Soviet soldiers with awe. They feared that the soldiers-liberators, four years suffered hardship because of the Imperial ambitions of the Fuhrer, to encroach on the sovereignty of their Motherland will take revenge for the death of millions of its citizens, the city burnt and broken lives.

Elena Sinyavskaya, in his historical works quoted by a German soldier, said in April 1945: “If you win… Russians, poles, French, Czechs, and at least one percent will make with our people that we six years worked with them in a few weeks will not survive a single German. It tells you who six years he was in the occupied countries!”.

the flames were fanned by propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, artificially created the image coming from the East barbarians, in a frenzy of victory is not spared in its path of anyone or anything.

the Historian from the Czech Republic, Eva Gagnoa, believed that ordinary Germans were victims of his deliberate disinformation, designed to sow panic in the community and fear to mobilize the people for a decisive rebuff to the red army.

It was Goebbels idea to create and spread the myth of mass rape of German women by Soviet soldiers fromjoevandyk territories.

On this account in his diary, made a note, dated 2 March 1945: “…in fact, in the face of Soviet soldiers, we are dealing with Prairie scum. This is confirmed received by us from the Eastern areas of information about the atrocities… First of all we should mention the terrible documents from Upper Silesia. In some villages and towns countless raped all the women from ten to 70 years of… Against this we will now deploy a broad campaign in the country and abroad.”

After a couple of weeks in the records reichminister there was a note that the Germans believed in the atrocities of the Bolsheviks in the battle in the East had a special “anger and vengeance”.

In turn, the assistant to Goebbels in the Affairs of the anti-Soviet propaganda, Werner Naumann, noted that propaganda work directed against the red army, was a runaway success, because the psychology of the Germans has long been sat down animal image of the Soviet “subhuman” capable of the most heinous crimes.

Authorities have managed to bring “the Berliners to the state of extreme terror”, because they were telling stories about the inhuman actions of Stalin’s soldiers, who were called narrow-eyed Mongols. The population intimidated by the reports that “hordes from the East” ruthlessly killed children, raped women, converted the girls and nuns to prostitutes, burned with flame throwers priests, and men were tortured and sent to Siberia for hard labor.

Entrenched in the minds of Berliners obsessive fear of wild red army forced more than 40 thousand Germans to commit suicide after it became clear that the fascist capital will not withstand the onslaught and come under the control of the Bolsheviks.

This figure in their studies has led the Australian by the war correspondent Osmar white, who witnessed the paranoid fear of Berliners.

meanwhile, the history preserved a special order of Stalin dated 19 January 1945 entitled “On the behavior in Germany” in which the Soviet ofIceRAM and soldiers that were on enemy territory, it was forbidden to expose the local population to violence and to engage in intimate relations with women. Military personnel who violate the order, they threatened to shoot.


the Poles associated with countless Russian diplomatic conflict and military battles, according to the expert of Institute of Slavic studies Albina a Sockwork, a priori, did not approve of the presence of Soviet troops on its territory, however, saw them as liberators.

although in most regions of the country the red army was welcomed joyfully and cheerful, in behavior poles according to the report of the political Department of the 1st Belorussian front was a certain wariness.

the participant of the great Patriotic war Nikolay Larionov told that the poles, taking revenge for 1940, the year, often organized the red army provocations, including practiced poisoning the wells.

in addition, from the memoirs of the war poet David Samoilov, you can see that Soviet women, for fear of trouble, rarely went out on Polish streets alone.


the Most loyal ally of Nazi Germany, which had a desperate resistance of the red army until April 12, 1945, was Hungary, freeing that killed 404 092 Soviet troops.

Debrecen, Balaton and Budapest operation showed that the Hungarian soldiers were considered the Soviet army as a liberation force. However, peace and Magyars belonged to the Soviet troops with prejudice, as the country had been rumors that after the Communist victory, all surviving Hungarians will be relocated to Siberia.

Perhaps this is why civilians are often inflicted to the red army cowardly stab in the back. On such occasions wrote in his memoirs, veteran Boris Slutsky, who said that, lived on farms Hungarians often drowned in silos were drunk Soviet soldiers.

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