What would happen to the USSR if Stalin and Hitler were allies

History 19/02/20 What would happen to the USSR if Stalin and Hitler were allies

until 1941, the USSR and Germany tried to maintain friendly relations even at some point could develop into a allied. What if this happened in the geopolitical picture of the world?

a would-be allies

a well-known non-aggression Pact between the USSR and Germany, signed by Molotov and Ribbentrop on 23 August 1939. However, few people know that a year later the two countries could become full allies, if their leaders failed to agree. In November 1940 Vyacheslav Molotov during his three-day visit to Berlin was made as was the last attempt to resolve the contradictions that have accumulated between the partners to the Covenant.

Hitler was ready not just to normalize relations but also to bring them to a new level. Together with Joachim von Ribbentrop, he invited the head of the Soviet foreign Ministry to join the “Triple Alliance” between Germany, Italy and Japan, in which countries pledged to respect the “natural spheres of influence each other”. It announced the contract was attached to the project of the secret Protocol, which said the zone of interests of the Soviet Union, indicated by the direction “of the Indian ocean”.

it is Hardly possible to doubt that “respect the natural spheres of influence”, in fact, hiding the intention of Hitler to redraw the map of the world according to the needs of signatory countries. Such an agreement does not impose Soviet obligations to support the allies in their military campaigns. Hitler in conversation with Molotov made it clear that he was “not asking for any military assistance, Germany does not need it”.

nevertheless, under the terms of the Treaty of Union would have to stand in opposition to the power the UK and the USA. And there were two versions of events: either the Soviet Union observes the battle “Democrats” and “nationalists” or involved in the redistribution of spheres of influence, paying their attention in the direction of Iran and India.

25 November, Molotov handed the German Ambassador Werner von der Schulenburg in Moscow’s own draft agreement, taking into account the interests of the USSR. According to the document, the German troops had to leave Finland, which became the Soviet zone of occupation; in the Dardanelles appeared Soviet naval base, as Bulgaria moved into the geopolitical orbit of the Soviet Union. In addition, Moscow has intended to extend its sphere of interest “in the South of Batum and Baku in the General direction of the Persian Gulf” to include Turkey and Iran.

General Heinz Guderian in his memoirs described the reaction of the head of the Reich on the Soviet proposal: “Hitler was very angry by the requirements of Russian and clearly expressed his displeasure during talks in Berlin, simply ignoring the subsequent Russian note. From Molotov’s visit and negotiations, Hitler concluded that war with the Soviet Union sooner or later is inevitable.”

the Conflict

And yet, how could it develop the story, go Stalin and Hitler to compromise? Member of the Russian PEN-center and the Free historical society Boris Sokolov is convinced that a hypothetical Alliance of Hitler and Stalin would only have delayed the German invasion of the Soviet Union. For starters, the Wehrmacht would shift the center of gravity of military operations in the Mediterranean and the Balkans, leaving the Eastern borders of the impressive contingent of troops out of fear of Soviet attack.

Sokolov believes that Stalin would not refuse intentions to strike first, but still would prefer to get from his ally concessions by Finland, Bulgaria and Turkey. But could Hitler go to such extremes? Hardly.

Soviet occupation of Finland created a potential threat to Sweden, where the industry of the Reich was getting iron ore. The control of the USSR over Bulgaria threatened Romania, where they were placed German divisions. After securing Turkey, Moscow would have a tremendous impact on the entire Mediterranean, including interfering with the plans Germany and Italy in the region.

Almost no one doubts that the Union of Germany and the Soviet Union would be temporary. Friendship threatened to end in that moment, when would be affected by the interests of the two superpowers. Stalin and Hitler looked on each other as a hindrance to the realization of their geopolitical scenarios.

it is Interesting to note that Hitler non-aggression Pact called the “Pact with Satan for the expulsion of the devil.” The clash between two socio-political systems was a matter of time. In may 1940, Stalin said: “we will Fight with Germany! England and America are our allies!”

From India to Britain

Publicist Alexander Skobov does not exclude, that the Soviet Union in case the Union contract with the Reich could join the war against Germany, Britain. However, the success of this enterprise, he believes. To master British Isles needed a powerful air force and Navy, and the USSR until 1945 didn’t have the resources to undertake such a military project, said Skobov.

the Conclusion of the expert is that Germany, even with the support of the Soviet Union couldn’t defeat Britain, as the latter is required to be made by the US scientists which was close to the completion of a nuclear program. Skobov believes that the Americans use the atomic bomb against Germany would prejudge the outcome of the conflict.

the Writer Vladimir Yurovitsky configured differently. He believed that Stalin had no reason to threaten to Hitler: “why? He would, on the contrary, to take the side of Germany. Especially close to the Soviet Union in the territory of India, Afghanistan and Iran lay practically “no man’s” land with the power vacuum”. According to Europiccola, joint Soviet-German attack on the Middle East seriously would shake the power of the British Empire.

But the prospects are projected Europiccola, are as follows: USSR expanded at the expense of “voluntary” entry into its composition, India, Afghanistan and Iran; Germany RAto cope with Britain. The combined efforts of the Soviet Union, Germany and Japan to break the last “Bastion of democracy” in the United States. And the question about the coming division of the world is closed.

Taras Repin

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