Zadorov hockey player was named footballer Tarasova

the Russian defender “Colorado avalanche” Nikita Zadorov shared the opinion about the confusion with the broadcast of the final of the youth world ice hockey championship between Russia and Canada on two channels. In the opinion of the player, only narrow-minded people could confuse two different events.

Recall that the sports channel was showing a replay of the finals in 2011, when the Russians beat the Canadians and became world Champions and one of the Central channels – the live broadcast of the world championship-2020.

“I Think, watched the match only people who are far from hockey. They do not understand. Yet there is some players watched the finals in 2011. For Example, Tarasov. But he’s narrow-minded”, – quotes the words Zadorova “Sport-Express”.

Previously, the player of “Rubin” Dmitry Tarasov in social networks congratulated the Russian team on the victory, confusing two events. Recall that in the final of the last world championship, the Canadians beat the Russians with the score 4:3 and won the gold medal of the tournament.