What would become of General Vlasov, if it is not caught

History 01/02/20 That would be with General Vlasov, if he hadn’t caught

As you know, in may 1945, the traitor General Andrei Vlasov was captured by the red Army, and the following year was executed in Moscow. Could the fate of the head of the “Committee for the liberation of peoples of Russia” turned out differently?

Option 1: hike in Macao

As he wrote in “the GULAG Archipelago” by Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the plans of the POA during its establishment was “to get into Yugoslavia, to connect there with the Cossacks, immigrant housing, and Mikhailovich, and to defend Yugoslavia from communism”.

the Vlasov Talks with the leaders of the Serbian monarchists and nationalists Dragoljub Mikhailovich and Dimitri Letiem really were. According to historian Kirill Alexandrov, military leaders were going to focus the Slavic anti-Communist forces in the area of Ljubljana, where at that time was Governor General Leon Rupnik, married to a Russian. They hoped that the joint efforts of the armed forces ACPD, Slovenes and Serbs will be able to retain control over at least part of Northern Yugoslavia. The main opponent of Vlasov and M. believed not the Red Army and partisan units, Tito.

If Vlasov had managed to collect the scattered forces of the POA and to settle in Slovenia, Yugoslavia would become another divided after the Second world war the country (along with Germany, China and Korea). Slovenia, located close to capitalist Italy and Austria, would have received aid under the Marshall plan, and eventually, perhaps, could count on NATO membership. Most likely, Vlasov lived to a ripe old age respected politician-“liberator”, like Chinese President Chiang Kai-shek.

Option 2: flight to Spain

Another historical possibility is connected with the initiative of the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, who at the end of April 1945, I was sent for Vlasov special plane. If a former Soviet General agreedXia for political asylum in Spain, it probably would have waited for the same fate as those who fought in the Wehrmacht of emigres. Illustrative example of Boris Smyslovskiy, commander of the division “Russland” (1st Russian national army), who managed to bring subordinates to Liechtenstein and to protect them from extradition to the Soviet Union. Waiting in the small Principality beginning of the Cold war, Smyslovskiy in 1948, with part of his men went by the way of many former Nazis and collaborators in Argentina.

However, Vlasov didn’t have to emigrate to South America from Spain also showed friendliness to the Russian fugitives from the Axis. Here, for example, has established contacts with the Germans, the head of the Russian Imperial house in exile Vladimir Kirillovich. Politically, however, “the Spanish chair”, most likely, would mean the end career Vlasov. Votes from Madrid and Buenos Aires and preferred not to hear of any “free world” nor in the Soviet bloc.

Option 3: American camp

a Third alternative associated with the potential for contact with Vlasov in the hands of the counterintelligence of the United States. The fact that in may 1945, Vlasov was on the border of the American zone of occupation and only by coincidence could not go any further. The General, who knew a lot about the military structure of the Third Reich and the Soviet Union represented a great interest for us intelligence.

having agreed on cooperation with them, Andrey Vlasov, most likely, would share the fate of Ukrainian collaborators and Russian figures NTS. “Russian liberation army”, as the Bandera movement, whether on the political will of Harry Truman, could be recognized in the West an independent force in world war II. In this case, Vlasov would have remained the leader of former Soviet citizens. He may even be able to prevent the mass expulsion of Russian in the Soviet Union (“operation Silhol”).

It was about the hundreds of thousands and even millions of people – potentially the most powerful anti-Soviet force in the West. Dwellvisa in Munich or in the US, Vlasov in any case as Stepan Bandera, would be a key target for the assassins of the NKVD-KGB. The long arm of Stalin and his successors, as we know, found political rivals in all corners of the Earth.

Timur Sagdiyev

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