Why the Soviet authorities are unable to settle Ivanovo men

Another 01/02/20 Why the Soviet authorities are unable to settle Ivanovo men

When the city of Ivanovo-Voznesensk, one after another began to open textile enterprises, it is unlikely that someone could assume that they not only glorify this quiet area in the whole of Russia, but will become a stumbling block for local women wishing to create a traditional family.


the First textile factory in Ivanovo, which gained its current name in 1932, appeared in the XVII century, when the city began to operate the manufactory specialized in the weaving of linen canvases and finishing. In the second half of the XVIII century in the region earned the first printed output, where in addition to linen fabrics began to be made chintz.

Industrial revolution, marked by the transition to the use of native labor, contributed to the massive opening in Ivanovo textile factories, which by 1900 there were 59 pieces.

Change after the revolution of 1917, the government has encouraged local enterprises. Moreover, in 1928, there was founded the largest Union of textile Melange complex.

the City of brides

Almost all the fair sex of the city of Ivanovo were involved in textile factories, and missing female staff were brought here from all corners of the vast country. Providing human resources light industry cotton region, officials did not consider quietly emerging gender imbalance.

Exposed this problem began in 1941, the Great Patriotic war, took to the front all fit for combat duty male population of the city. Ivanovo soldiers formed the backbone of the 49th, 117 th, 307 th and 332 th infantry division, which fiercely resisted the Nazis in Smolensk, Bryansk, Moscow and Stalingrad. Of almost 71 thousand of Ivanovo, who went to the battlefields, and returned home only 44 thousand men and 27 thousand recruits were killed for the freedom of the Motherland.

After 1945, Ivanovo has become a city of brides, where due to the shortage of men, only the chosen lucky ladies could start a family.

Attempt to fix

Gender bias towards women prevailing in Ivanovo, caused the members of the Politburo to reflect on measures for its restoration. For this textile capital of the USSR in 1950-ies was based enterprises of the engineering industry, where the vast majority of operations focused on the labor of men.

representatives of the strong half of humanity opened its doors in Ivanovo plant carding machines, Ivanovo heavy machine tool plant, “Ivtekmash”, Everflash, “crane”, “Tochpribor” and other plants.

However, if you look at statistics, 1979, it becomes clear that from a purely male construction enterprises, the situation in Ivanovo has not changed dramatically. According to reports, at this time the population of the Ivanovo region consisted of 43.2% men and 56.8% women.

One of the reasons for the persistence of the imbalance is called the higher mortality rate in men of working age and a higher life expectancy in women.


because of this for Ivanovo stronger entrenched status of city of brides. Only the lazy did not associate it with the lovely unmarried ladies, and the oil poured into the fire in the popular 1981 song “why we’re not a couple” (composer Evgenie Krylatov, lyricist Michael plyatskovsky), which was performed in the film “Honest, intelligent, unmarried” Andrei Mironov. In this Soviet hit three times repeated chorus proclaimed:

all About love telling you again,

But, when in vain to repeat tired,

So know this: I will go to Ivanovo,

And Ivanovo – city of brides.

Sykousis the informal title, the authorities decided to immortalize it on the coat of arms of Ivanovo: a Shuttle and a torch, their on it earlier, in 1996, was replaced by the image of a young beauty, busy spinning.

the Phrase “city of brides” Ivansheep have turned into a brand: some use it as a trademark, others are used in weddings, while others are based on various shares.

on 28 may 2011 in Ivanovo, at the celebration of the city day passed white “Parade of brides”, which was attended by 140 girls in the Bridal vestments, and Cosmopolitan magazine organizes an annual festival called “Runaway bride”.

Our days

According to the reports of Rosstat, now Ivanovo lost the palm in the prevalence of the female population over the male, giving the first place to Yaroslavl.

Deputy head of the Ivanovo regional service of state statistics Tatyana Belova noted that in recent years among newborn boys more than girls, but the next stages of life men die 4 times more often than women.

Because now the gender imbalance in Ivanovo is observed only among the older generation, the Ivanovo likely to say that the regional centre just right to rename in “the city of pensioners”, although the authorities are inclined to make it a “city of brides” to the “city of youth”.

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