What top-secret Russian fighter the Americans called the

Weapons 29/12/19 Some top-secret Russian fighter the Americans called the “Black plague”

if you Want peace, prepare for war. This principle, expressed once by the Roman historian Cornelius Nepotem, guided the military any side. Especially if we are talking about world super powers, Russia, USA, China… From the Russian side, such a “wish for peace” was the development of a fighter under the modest index ATN-51, nicknamed by the Americans “the Black plague”.

What frightened the Americans?

for Information about developing highly controversial. In any case, it concerns the Russian segment of the Internet. Perhaps the us military knows a little more than that causes them concern. Internet sources (e.g., thematic website “Book of war”) indicate the following features:

Increased flight range without refueling. Talking about 32 tons of fuel, sufficient to overcome 15 000 km of air routes;

the Speed several times more sound. Experts cite data – up to 4.5 Mach, that is, the path from Moscow to Washington, for example, ATN-51 will do just a couple of hours;

Heavy precision weapons. It is about 10 missiles in a rotary launcher plus missiles in side stacks. Although no one directly says, but they can all carry nuclear warheads.

All these options – plus a powerful powerplant, the ceiling height of 42 000 meters and the abundance of electronics – are impressive by themselves. But, as pointed out by a military expert Sergey Lyzhin’s article, “the Aircraft ATN-51 “Black plague”, a fighter-bomber Russian (and American) air force seems to be not needed. Indeed, not Washington to bomb we got together. There is only one option for the use of such machines.

To protect the Northern borders of

Huge range, high speed and maneuverability with such powerful weapons Myl suggests that ATN-51 could usebe used to patrol the Arctic territories. Moreover, what is now quite an acute question about the Arctic territories of Russia. The Minister of natural resources and ecology of Russia Sergey Donskoy in his role as Minister (2012-2018) has repeatedly stated Russia’s claim to the polar region of the Arctic, which are a continuation of the continental shelf.

However the question remains open, and the area disputed by Denmark and Canada, who consider the area of the Arctic ocean near the North pole a continuation of the shelf of Greenland and Northern Canada, respectively. In light of this, the availability of aircraft capable of in the case which assert the claims of the country, definitely will not be superfluous.

Truth or myth?

the First information about ATN-51 appeared in 2011, but since then no confirmation of the development from officials followed. However, it is not sounded and denials. Experts and specialists in the field of armaments disagree: the project is considered to a real or mythical. We think the most appropriate is the opinion of military historian Andrei Romanov, who said that as the draft ATN-51 it is there, but like the real aircraft appears unlikely. Most likely, we are talking about several parallel developments that gossip combined into one: on the potential sixth generation fighter aircraft and traction that will be used to lift the Glider, u-71, the carrier rocket “Sarmat”. In any case, such a conclusion can be drawn from the words of Yuri Borisov, the Deputy Prime Minister on questions military-industrial complex.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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