As the soldiers took revenge

History 29/12/19 As the soldiers took revenge “derailed” after the war

In the novel Eugene Shishkin, “the Truth and the bliss” describes a characteristic episode, when returning home after the war, the soldiers discuss the plan, as if “knocking around” “rear tsidkenu” Senka, who was suspected in that he, using the absence of men, seducing their wives. Similar cases in the post-war years were many, and not always the draft Dodgers from the army remained alive.

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in 1945 the Soviet Union returned more than 3 million demobilized veterans. After going through extreme difficulties, hardships and privations, upon returning home these men were not those that early.
“the post-war society is always and inevitably poisoned by the war, and the main symptom of this disease is the habit of violence – in varying degrees affects all spheres of public life and, as a rule, quite a long time”, says researcher Elena Senyavskaya.
Soviet reality, requiring unconditional obedience, with its hellish living conditions and hard labor to restore the destroyed economy has only exacerbated the PTSD. This change of mentality observed in many people who have a war sometimes provoke unwarranted aggression even against loved ones, not to mention the outsiders.
the defenders of the Motherland feel resentful for the fact that they took away a few payments relied for military medals. Having been in Europe, the red army could see how the standard of living in the Soviet Union differs from the West in the worst way. Not surprisingly, disappointed in the life of the veterans were involved in the post-war outbreak of violence.


a Heightened sense of social justice were forced returning from the war to look for enemies, and especially among nesluzhivshih.
According to estimates of experts, there were up to 2.5 million evaders from the army. There were even more people who got the “your booking”. In Moscow, there were about half of those of military age.
For the soldiers a profession that allows you to avoid sending to the front, psychologically it was not an excuse, especially if it was about professionals not engaged in physical labor. What can we say about the attitude of the men “dodged” by mutilation or bribe the doctors or heads of companies.
During the war, the draft Dodgers felt “masters of life”, especially relationships with women. A question about this tortured soldiers during the war. According to the historian Elena Sinyavskaya “battlefield morality” are strictly condemned the unfaithful wives who cheated veterans with the “rear rats”.
it is likely that the frequent massacre of nesluzhivshih, which is qualified as a consequence of domestic conflicts, has played a role in the post-war rampant crime.
the fact that the first years after the war were extremely turbulent, can be seen in the increased number of murders. Affected by the presence of weapons in the hands of the population. In 1946, the Soviet Union killed 10 thousand people, 3 thousand more than in 1945.
Note that if “a rear rat” took a high position, even a simple verbal conflict with her could turn into yesterday’s army sent to the GULAG. Such actions are often qualified according to the 58th article of the criminal code as “anti-Soviet statements”.

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there was also the opposite aspect of the post-war confrontation of soldiers and draft Dodgers. The fact that the latter often joined the deserters and amassing gang, terrorizing the population. Especially strongly this issue was felt in the Western regions of the country where rampaged “Bandera” and “forest brothers”, as well as in the mountainous regions of the North Caucasus. In General in Ukraine and in the Baltic States, according to statistics from the 1940-ies, commit 60% of crimes in the USSR.
To fight the banditAMI started in the last years of the war and after demobilization joined the NKVD, the former at the front. However, this opposition was largely regarded by its participants not as a massacre of “nesluzhivshih”, and as the continuation of the war with Nazi collaborators.

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