What the Russian soldiers most feared by the French in the Crimean war

Another 27/01/20 Any Russian soldiers most feared by the French in the Crimean war

Valor Cossacks-plastuns were marked not only by the Russian command, but the enemy – and those and others were impressed with the fighting qualities of these men.

Month of service, they were counted for the year

Commander of the Russian forces, Prince Mikhail Gorchakov, noting the order of the actions Plastun battalions in the Crimean campaign, said that these Cossack connection in the battle for Sevastopol showed such amazing courage, which is not an ordinary military merit. Marshal Leroy de Saint-Arnaud commanded the French army, in turn, struck down the defense of scouts – in his memoirs, “some Cossacks” absolutely not allowed to storm the Russian fortifications – its aimed fire scouts beat out all the French artillery, serving assault battery.
Historians explain this phenomenon not only by the accuracy of the Cossacks, but also by the fact that the weapons they were threaded fittings, whereas the basis of the small Arsenal of Russian soldiers in the Crimean war were smoothbore rifles, inferior fittings in the sighting and firing range.
In Crimea, there were 2 Plastun battalion, at Sevastopol, they fought on plots emphasize its importance and danger – it was the Malakoff and the Flagstaff Bastion. In the area of the Bastion, the enemy from the guns of the mortar battery was heavily plagued defenders. Scouts in the result arranged their RAID not only eliminated the battery, but also brought with him 3 barrel enemy mortars weighing 6 pounds each (two pounds hundredweight).
For showing in the Crimean war valour Russian government scored the scouts a month on the war for a year of military service. Almost every Cossack Plastun returned from the war with medals, and many more and has for military merit officer ranks.

How do they Russwas aivali and destroy the enemy

Russian military historian, General Ivan Popko wrote that the scouts during the Crimean war helped the experience of previous clashes with the Circassians, they used the Caucasian experience in repelling the attacks of the enemy and in the capture of the enemy’s redoubts. The French and the British often simply did not understand the maneuvers of the scouts and was not ready for it.
As recalled Popko, instead of repel the attack of the French cavalry, composed of regular quads, the scouts scattered, dismounted and methodically shot the riders, standing on one knee. They could never incur losses – the enemy riders, no time rein in their horses, just “sifted” through scouts, squadron for squadron, and the few surviving French were able to retreat – the fire of the Cossacks was the labels.
the Enemy is mortally afraid of the Cossacks-plastuns because those have always been in the vanguard of the Russian forces and every time they fought to the last bullet. Popko noted such wonderful qualities in scouts as a unique ability to explore the night, leaning his ear to the ground. Plastun hearing determines what and where was carried out the enemy earthworks. If such information the Cossacks seemed a little, they quietly sneak up to enemy positions and refined details. According to the military historian, thanks to the vigilance and curiosity of the scouts of the Russian military command was aware of all existing or only to elevate the position of the enemy. During one such exploration the Cossacks captured all the enemy’s advanced post went to have dinner together with two pots of soup. We were eating the soup the prisoners already in the wrong trenches.

the Exploits of captain Danylenko

the Utility feature of this brave scout, provoevavshy in the Crimean campaign in just 11 months, is replete with many episodes, each of which could be rewarded. In November 1854 he, along with ten fellow scouts during attacks on Sapun mountain captured 6 of the British, in December, his unit captured 14 the French and the British. In the same month, 17 scouts under the command Danilenko repulsed the attack of the zouaves 100 (the Zouaves — the name of the elite units of light infantry of the French colonial troops, which fought mainly those in North Africa). In February of the following year captain was awarded the order of St. Vladimir IVстепени with a bow. Danilenko was wounded in a bayonet charge, but his unit rescued her, for that great princes personally granted military officers 100 silver rubles. Subsequently, for shown in fights of valor Danilenko handed the Golden sword, 150 silver rubles, the order of St. Anne II degree and was awarded the title of tranche of major.
Example Danilenko although characteristic, but not the only – division of the scouts in the Crimean war was the most effective and efficient. The enemy feared not only the courage and determination of the Cossacks – about the ingenuity of the scouts in the ways of combat and intelligence operations were legendary for enemy action “some of the Cossacks” was unpredictable, and so they feared.

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