In the armies which countries wore German helmets after the defeat of Germany

History 27/01/20 In the armies which countries wore German helmets after the defeat of Germany

Stahlhelm (it. “the steel helmet”) is an integral element of the visual image of the German infantryman during the Second world war. Without it, as it is hard to imagine soldiers of the Wehrmacht, and without the gray field uniform, Nazi eagle and rough shouting in German. Stalhelm — only infantry helmet, in addition to the associative, has no ties directly to Nazism. “Steel helmets,” was invented during the First world war (in 1916). Further, they have modified, not fundamentally changing either the form or thickness (unless that was removed over time, a characteristic “horn”). However, not every country will decide to equip its army helmets of similar shapes, even if in technical characteristics it is meeting all requirements.

by the Way, stalhelm perfectly fulfills its function, which ensured its popularity. The characteristic cone is the back piece covers the ears of the soldiers from shrapnel and the blast wave.

the Successful design of stalhelm liked and allies of the German Empire in the First world war: as noted in the book “the First world war 1914-1918: Infantry — Armor — aviation” F. Funken, Austro-Hungarian, Bulgarian and Turkish troops shortly after the Germans also got similar helmets. In the thirties stahlhelm Germany sold to China, Spain and Latin America. In Hungary and Argentina made their helmets similar to German. But after the Second world war, the Germans, of course, practically ceased to use stalhelm. In the GDR, where similar to the Soviet helmets continued to be called stahlhelm, real stahlhelm some time remained “armed” only firefighters and border guards; in Germany they are also used for long only the guards. A certain number of stahlhelm was still in China. A lot of German helmets and were saguachebut in Yugoslavia, and the socialist Yugoslav army did not hesitate to use those trophies right up to 1959, when helmets were replaced with new ones. In addition, several years after the end of world war II German helmets of the type used in the army of Finland. Wore stahlhelm and the guards of honor of the king and presidents of Afghanistan. In addition, there are still a kind of unlicensed, pirated copies of stalhelm. For example, a very similar shape modern American PASGT helmets (Kevlar), which are themselves “Yankee” jokingly referred to as “prinevskiy”. E. Mollo in his book “Armed forces of world war II. Structure. Uniform. Insignia. The complete illustrated encyclopedia” says that Americans first began to be released from born of the Second world stereotypes: even though they say “fritz helmet”, but they are without complexes helmets you’re good! A little less compared to the PASGT, but is also similar to stahlhelme the French SPECTRA helmet. Vaguely resemble stalhelm helmets Russia set of equipment “Warrior” modern Ukrainian and helmets.

But in the Soviet Union the option of weapons was not even considered, only in time of war was allowed sometimes the wearing of these helmets. As tens of thousands of captured equipment and ammunition, the German stahlhelm of the Wehrmacht (and there were hundreds of thousands) went to the storage base, collected by the Soviet trophy brigades. The best part of all of this property were disassembled and melted down, only small arms was maintained. Later he sold or gave to the armies of friendly to the Soviet Union in third world countries. Made of excellent steel stahlhelm also sent for recycling. Despite the fact that the army was for the Soviet Union a special concern and priority project, the design advantages of the German helmets in the Soviet Union and not adopted, seeing in them the form of a symbol, no less sinister than the swastika, is still not purified from the Nazi reputation.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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