What Stalin did with the commanders of the Western front after the German attack

History 15/01/20 Timoshenko and other senior commanders of the red army (Colonel-General Pavlov left) That Stalin made with the commanders of the Western front after the German attack

22 June 1941, the red Army had five fronts in the Western part of the country and one in the far East. It just so happened that the fate of all generals, commanders of the fronts early in the war, was unsuccessful, and often tragic. Only three survived until the end of the war.

Markian Popov

The Northern strategic unification of the forces of the red army’s Northern front, 22 June, was commanded by Lieutenant-General Markian Mikhailovich Popov. North then Leningrad front commanded the priests until the 5th of September, after which he was replaced by Marshal K. Voroshilov. Comrade Stalin expressed his doubt that the priests well perform their duties. In a telegram to Molotov on 29 August, said:

“don’t you think that someone purposely opens the way Germans this important? What kind of man Popov?”

during the war, Popov commanded the armies, and then became the Deputy commander of the Stalingrad front. Then again, commanded the armies and was the Deputy commander of the southwestern front. He headed the Reserve, Bryansk, Baltic and 2nd Baltic fronts. In 1944 he was dismissed as not cope with the command of the front, lowered in rank to General of the army to Colonel-General. But in February 1945, again commanded the 2nd Baltic front.

After the war he commanded districts, was chief of the Main Directorate of combat training of Land forces, chief of staff and First Deputy commander of Land forces. Again became General of the army.

he Died in 1969 from poisoning by household gas.

Fedor Kuznetsov

the North-Western front in the Baltic was commanded by Colonel-General Fedor Isidorovich Kuznetsov. Already the 3rd of July he was removed from dagnosti for the loss of command and assigned to command the 21st army. 24th July led the Central front, but after the battle of Smolensk was again dismissed. Assigned to command of the 51st Separate army, defending the Crimea, but to organize the defense could not, and already during the fighting and was removed from the post. During the battle of Moscow he commanded the army, was Deputy commander of the front, but the results withdrawn from the army and appointed commander of the Academy. In 1943-44 he was Deputy commander of the Volkhov and Karelian fronts, and again was withdrawn as failed. The war ended in the same rank of Colonel-General.

In 1941-1942, was twice involved in an accident with a head injury.

After the war he commanded the Ural military district, in 1948, resigned due to illness. Died in 1961.

Dmitry Pavlov

the Western front, commanded by hero of the Soviet Union, General of the army Dmitri G. Pavlov. The title Hero was given to him for participation in the Civil war in Spain.

30 June dismissed, 2 July once again returned to the front as the Deputy commander of the Western front, but 4th of July is arrested. Pavlov was accused of personal cowardice, and the collapse of command and control, and in the absence without leave strategic points. 22 July sentenced to death and executed the same day. In 1957 he was rehabilitated.

Mikhail kirponos

the South-Western front, commanded by hero of the Soviet Union, Colonel-General Mikhail Petrovich Kirponos. The Hero received for his successful command of the 70th infantry division in the war with Finland.

After the troops of the southwestern front were surrounded near Kiev, a column of the front staff attempted to break out of the encirclement, then Kirponos died, the exact circumstances of his death are still unknown. In Soviet times it was argued that Kirponos died heroically in battle. Currently it will say, shot herself to avoid captivity. Found the same version that the General was shot by “a special person” that is not captured. None of the versions has no evidence.

Ivan Tyulenev

the Southern front, 22 June 1941, was commanded by General of the army Ivan Tyulenev. Before the war he was commander of the Moscow military district and the front was headed by the 21st of June, and arrived to the army after the war began. In the Directive dated 12 August 1941, signed by Stalin specified:

“the front commander seals have failed. He does not know how to attack, but not able to withdraw…”

However, the post was not removed. 29 August 1941, General Tyulenev was seriously wounded and until the 13th of October was on treatment. After the hospital sent to the Urals military district, where he was engaged in forming new connections.

In February 1942, seals was appointed Deputy commander of South-West direction, then headed the Transcaucasian front. In 1942-43 the front under his command took part in the fighting. After the establishment of the North Caucasian front, Transcaucasian front under the command Tyuleneva covered the southern direction. The war ended seals in the same rank of General of the army.

After the war he commanded the Kharkov military district, was inspector-General of the cavalry and Deputy commander of the cavalry of the army. Later he held various positions in the management of combat training of Land forces. In 1978, the army General Tyulenev was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. In the same year he died.

Joseph Apanasenko

the far Eastern front in the beginning of the great Patriotic war, commanded the army General Iosif Rodionovich Apanasenko. In 1943 he made the transfer to the army and was appointed Deputy commander of the Voronezh front. A month after the arrival at the front, 5 August 1943 during the air RAID killed.

Cyril Shishkin

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