3 of the most incredible fight of red army with German tanks

History 15/01/20 3 of the most incredible fight of red army with German tanks

Any war creates many myths, and is often the reason for them are real events, with incredible details. Occasionally creates myths soldier rumor, sometimes they compose the organs of propaganda to raise morale. So it was from time immemorial the Great Patriotic war was no exception.

From the six-inch for tanks

to sum up information about this story from different sources, it is the following. During the battle for Moscow from the army commander Rokossovsky had no anti-tank artillery. From the front commander Zhukov was not there. It came to Stalin.

as a result, warehouses have removed the 6-inch gun mod. 1877 and the old English shells. So how are guns somehow was not the sights, the aiming through the barrel. And since the guns were not recoil devices, they dug into the ground. In the result shot down a certain number of German tanks (depending on the scope of the author’s imagination) and stopped the Germans. After this unprecedented success of these guns formed a division, who fought even in 1942.

the Authors of this history are not hard, first, to examine the documents, according to which, at that time under command of the commander of the Western front, Zhukov had four anti-tank artillery regiment, and the 16th army Rokossovskogo there were as many as ten.

second, the authors did not understand the materiel: guns of the sample in 1877, never existed. Had guns, which had a channel cutting in 1877 (before it was a gun with the barrel in 1867). In the Russian army was a 6-inch gun at 120, 190 and 200 pounds, adopting at different times.

Aiming through the barrel, as the reception in the artillery there, and an experienced gunner can do this way aim the cannon at a stationary target and even get. Butto be this way restituisce with a rate of one shot per minute at a moving tank is impossible. Once induced, it is necessary to charge the gun, and during this time the tank will be off to who knows where. In addition, imposing dug into the ground instrument of similar design is impossible in General. He just doesn’t have traverse, so aiming will have to turn all the guns. The picture, in which the calculation of the rolling five-ton gun, trying to put it on a moving tank is only good for Comedy.

6-inch guns in 120, 190 and 200 pounds in 1941, indeed, sometimes been used to conduct indirect defensive fire, the blessing came to them all types of 152-mm shells, in service with the red Army. The effectiveness of this fire is not known, but powerful coronarography shells for the infantry had a strong psychological effect.

the anti-tank Riflemen Lysenko

the Peculiarity of this story is that her description is based on the document awarding, where the feat described. However, in the postwar period to the description added a lot of “details”. The result is similar to the following.

anti-tank Lysenko, was left alone on the battlefield, where fifteen German tanks. Three shots of anti-tank guns he knocked out three tanks. When it crept up another tank trying to crush him, Lysenko jumped on it. And as the Germans tried, they were unable to reset the anti-tank with armor. Then he jumped down, picked up another anti-tank gun and knocked out four tanks. The rest of the German tanks cowardly fled. His feat inspired the entire battalion. It was in August 1943.

the award documents written only that Lysenko was left alone, knocked out seven tanks, was wounded and really inspired the entire battalion, causing the other two battalions managed to cross the river.

In this story, a lot of questions. It is unclear how the combined “one” and “inspired all who watched neitherm battalion”? What did fifteen German tanks when he shot at him (just riding around?) and where was the German infantry?

But the most interesting, as he was knocked out tanks with one shot? Even in 1941, instructions were provided to fire on the tank the whole Department (calculate three AV) as for the defeat had at least a dozen hits. In 1943, anti-tank guns could not deal with the tanks, they were transferred for other purposes, and the number of the troops began to cut.

Why such a unique ability of comrade Lysenko did not learn in the army is quite clear. Besides him, the history of the anti-tank Riflemen were able to knock out in one battle, no more than two tanks, for what they are immediately given the title of Hero. Apparently, the military are extremely skeptical about this event.

With the axe on the tank

According to Wikipedia and other sources, the red Sereda, in August 1941 he was a cook. In his kitchen I drove a tank which got out of the carriage. Sereda ran at the Germans with an ax, they scared hiding in the tank. Sereda then climbed onto a tank, blow of the axe knocked the machine gun, tarp covered peepholes, began to knock on the armor and give the team a non-existent platoon. The Germans apparently knew Russian language and so frightened that he got out of the tank and surrendered. Sereda made four tankers and laid on the ground.

the Germans were very fearful, especially for 1941. Judging by the fact that there were four of them, talking about the Czechoslovak tank, which, by the way, the gun had two (Yes, also a gun). Cook Sereda turns out, knew Czechoslovak tanks and the location of the observation slits in them, have them easily and quickly to block.

Then, cook Sereda, being in intelligence destroyed a German tank, 20 motorcyclists and three captured.

In the submission to reward the seredy, about the case in the exploration of really well written. Actually, in intelligence anything can happen, you never know how it could blow the tank and destroy motorcyclists (such as overnight while sleeping) and how muchin this part of people.

But about the first case indicated that Sereda “jumped on the enemy tank and grabbed the barrel of the gun and drove up and down not allowing to shoot.” About the axe word about the prisoners too. It is unclear how he was not allowed to shoot and generally held onto the barrel. Anyone who served in the army knows that to take up the trunk from which fire, is a dangerous business, hands can burn to the bone.

And although the authors of stories about cooks-hero refer to the documentary evidence of his exploits in the papers about how he with the axe captured tank and tank is not a word.

Cyril Shishkin

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