What predictions Stalin did for Russia

History 21/02/20 What predictions Stalin did in Russia

Joseph Stalin someone perceives as a bloody tyrant, someone- as a great ruler. But few know him as a prophet. Meanwhile, Stalin spoke many prophecies, which, as time showed, was true.

the War with Finland and Germany

In September 1939, shortly after Nazi Germany attacked Poland, the Soviet Ambassador in Sweden A. Kollontai arrived in Moscow. She was invited to the Kremlin. Alexander M. adopted comrade Stalin personally. Subsequently, she outlined the details of their conversation in his diary.

First, talking about the then impending conflict with Finland. “If we fail to prevent it, it will be short-lived,” said the leader. Indeed, the Soviet-Finnish war lasted only a few months – from 30 November 1939 to 13 March 1940.

Stalin also talked a lot about increasing vigilance at the border and inside the country: “it Should be almost ready to resist to war with Hitler.”

Now these words are, perhaps, no surprise. But at the time they sounded weird. The fact that at that time formally between the two powers prevailed friendship. Stalin and Hitler exchanged greetings on the occasion and assured each other of their loyalty.

19 August 1939 was signed the German-Soviet trade agreement. In the framework of the Soviet Union undertook to supply Germany metals, oil products, grain and other products, including those intended for military purposes. In turn, the Germans also took the commitment to supply the USSR with various equipment including military equipment. On 23 August Molotov and Ribbentrop signed the famous non-aggression Pact. The red Army participated in the partition of Poland, and in September was held joint parades of German and Soviet armed forces on the territories of Western Ukraine and Belarus, prisoedinenies to the Soviet Union.

debunking the cult of personality and the disintegration of the USSR

at the end of the conversation with Kollontai, Stalin talked a lot about the role of personality in history and suddenly said:

“Many things in our party and the people will be perverted and spat upon, especially abroad and in our country too… And my name will also be slandered, maligned. I attribute a lot of atrocities. World Zionism will seek to destroy our Union to Russia never could climb…”

he Spoke about the development of nationalism, the emergence of ethnic conflicts. As we know, all of these events started to happen in about half a century.

middle Eastern conflicts and Western sanctions

According to Stalin, in the future, our government was expecting very sharp turns: “the Fact is the fact that particularly excite East, there will be sharp contradictions with the West…” This is what we are seeing now.

the Revival of Russia

However, added the leader, in the future the Russians will turn to the ideals of their fathers and grandfathers, partly return of the socialist way of life, and it will make the country prosperous.

a Section of the moon

in the Spring of 1945 at the Potsdam conference Stalin unexpectedly suggested to his colleagues from the UK and the US to discuss the question of the section… of the moon. At first they thought he had misheard and that the Soviet leader was referring to the division of Germany. But Stalin said: “On the division of Germany we have already agreed. I’m talking about the moon.”

Stalin said that the USSR has their sights set on Earth. Maybe if Khrushchev was as visionary as his predecessor, the first on the moon would be stepped Soviet cosmonauts. And perhaps it had happened before 1969.

the Seer or futurologist?

did Stalin really any ability to foresee? Some sources claim that he was no stranger to the occult, was interested in magic, astrology, communicating with the psychics and seers. But this is unofficial information. On the other hand, to givefive predictions about the fate of the country, and not a specific person, it is sufficient to have knowledge of futurology, to see the trends and prospects of development of the situation. One way or another, but the “prophecy” come true.

Irina Shlionskaya

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